Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

 Right of attendance

Right of attendance

Pursuant to article 22 of the By-laws and article 8 of the Regulations of the General Meeting, shareholders who own at least one thousand (1,000) shares, whether individually or when pooled with other shareholders, will be entitled to attend the General Meeting, insofar as they have such shares recorded in the appropriate register at least five days in advance of the scheduled date for the meeting.

Every shareholder entitled to attend the General Meeting pursuant to the aforementioned requirements will be sent a personal attendance card, which will be used to record the number of shares they own along with their corresponding voting rights, on the basis of one vote per share. Attendance cards will be issued by the company itself, after ownership of the shares has been duly substantiated, or by the Spanish Central Securities Depository (Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, or Iberclear), or participating entities. If for any reason a shareholder cannot obtain an attendance card, a model attendance card is made available on the company's website ( for each General Meeting.

Shareholders will be asked to identify themselves at the entrance to the General Meeting with their attendance card and national identity card, or other generally accepted official proof of identity. Representatives of legal-entity shareholders may be asked to display documents demonstrating their credentials to represent the company.

Shareholders may vote by post or electronic means, in which case the restriction of owning fewer than one thousand (1,000) shares to vote does not apply. For further information, see “Delegation of voting rights and remote voting” section.