Strategic lines


Strategic Plan 2022-2024: “Close to our customers”

Under the Strategic Plan 2022-2024, the group will focus on strengthening its position in all segments, maintaining an efficient distribution model that is adapted to our customers and offers the best experience, and establishing itself as one of the leading banks in the sphere of sustainability. Achieving these goals is only possible with the best team, so CaixaBank also aims to be the preferred financial group to work for. In this way, we will continue to offer attractive returns and competitive remuneration to our shareholders.

The three lines of the Strategic Plan 2022-2024 are as follows:

1. GROWING THE BUSINESS, developing the best value proposition for our customers

  • Develop ecosystems as a new source of income
  • Strengthen our leadership in the retail banking market
  • Be the bank of choice for businesses and companies

2. Operate an EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SERVICE MODEL adapted to customer preferences

  • Best-in-class customer experience
  • Continue to drive operational and commercial efficiency
  • Increased digital sales capacity

3. SUSTAINABILITY – a benchmark in Europe

  • Assist customers in their energy transition
  • Lead positive social impact
  • Promote a culture of responsibility

And these are the enabling factors to carry them out:



  • Have an efficient, flexible and resilient IT infrastructure


  • Develop our culture in order to improve our organisational capacities and those of our people

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