We support the most representative athletic trials at Spanish level, with which we share values, such as the spirit of improvement, perseverance and teamwork.

We have also taken advantage of this involvement in running on an internal basis, creating the concept of #runnersCaixabank, where our employees receive coaching, access to registration and the figure of Reyes Estévez as an official ambassador.

  • #RunnersCaixaBank

    More than 1,400 #runnersCaixaBank have participated in a race sponsored by our entity.

  • Customer experiences

    We have held 17 CaixaBank talks, at different CaixaBank Store branches throughout Spain, carried out by Reyes Estévez. We have also raffled numbers and personal training experiences with Reyes Estévez.

  • Solidarity

    We raise funds through virtual marathons using the hashtag #run4people, to support social entities such as the Arrels Foundation, Friends of Elderly People and the Food Bank.

CaixaBank at the 41st edition of the 2019 Barcelona Marathon