Our brand purpose

Every company has a reason for being, and ours is to standing by people for everything that matters. This support goes beyond a mere physical presence, since it involves personalised advice through digitisation and omni-channel engagement in order to always be on the side of our customers and of society.

Our accountability as a financial institution entails creating bonds of trust with people to help them take proper decisions that ensure their own well-being and that of society as a whole, and to do so sustainably.

Standing by

Be close to people and society. Be part of their lives, communities, reality and financial needs. Be close to their concerns, commit to them.


It puts people at the centre and encompasses all of CaixaBank's stakeholders (both external and internal).

Standing by people for everything that matters.


Beyond our financial activity.


It allows each person to embrace the purpose, based on their needs and particular situation. It lets CaixaBank talk about both micro and macro aspects, thus also encompassing the organisation's social commitment.

Our intention is consistent with our mission: “to contribute to the financial well-being of our customers and to the progress of all society". It is also linked to our values of Quality, Trust and Social Commitment, and closely related to our culture.

Our culture

  • Las personas, lo primero

    People first

    CaixaBank is far more than a leading bank; it is an organization comprising people who work each and every day for the benefit of people, whether they be colleagues, customers, shareholders or other members of society.

  • La agilidad, nuestra actitud logo

    An agile attitude

    It is impossible to be competitive in the current climate without being agile and innovative. Anticipation amid a constantly changing business environment is key, requiring flexibility and speed. This is why we strive to think outside the box and take a dynamic approach to day-to-day operations.

  • La colaboración, nuestra fuerza logo

    Partnership is our strength

    Teamwork represents a major strength for us. This is why we value diversity among our professionals. We are a network of cross-disciplinary and supportive partnerships, generating a sense of trust and working in a single direction with a shared commitment.

Who we are

We are committed 

We are here when you need us

We are responsible but we also
raise the bar to exceed expectations

We are transparent and trustworthy

We cooperate

We operate within an agile framework
to continuously innovate

The essence of our activity is summed up in our motto, ‘You and I. Together’, which condenses and enhances our intention in a single expression. ‘You and I. Together’ speaks to the relationship between the customer and the company, placing it ahead of the bank and proposing a horizontal relationship.


Needs, worries, priorities, situations and all that matters to a diverse and heterogeneous public: people, customers, shareholders... and all of society.


A network of professional, versatile, agile and helpful employees who work every day to engage with people and fulfil their expectations.

You and I. Together.


The commitment to the customer, however they are, to always be by their side, whether physically or virtually, through omni-channel engagement, to ensure an excellent and quality service.


The ultimate expression of closeness, providing trust, affinity and social commitment.