Banking at the service of social challenges

At CaixaBank, we have a long history inspired in quality, trust and social commitment. We pursue the financial well-being of our customers and the progress of the whole of society by offering the best financial tools and expert advice.

Through our sustainable banking model, we are committed to achieving carbon footprint neutrality by 2050 and to offering solutions and advice to support our customers in the transition to sustainability. We also seek to continue to lead positive social change with our microfinance and financial inclusion activities. To achieve this, we promote a responsible culture focused on people and on good governance practices that allow us to be a benchmark in banking.

Sustainable banking

Committed to sustainable banking, we contribute to the progress of society as a whole through the quality, trust and social commitment of our teams.

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Culture of responsibility

We promote a responsible culture by integrating sustainability into our way of banking and in how we interact with shareholders, customers, investors, employees and society as a whole.

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Boosting a sustainable transition

We want to contribute to society by driving the sustainable transition of companies and people. To this end, we support companies in their energy transition with financing and advice, develop sustainable financial solutions for people, and seek to take maximum care of the environmental and social impact of our activity.

We maintain the neutrality of our own carbon footprint as a Group, minimising emissions as much as possible and offsetting residual ones.

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Leadership in social impact and financial inclusion

We seek to lead positive social change by boosting people's financial well-being. To achieve this, we provide microloans and other financing with a social impact, promote job creation and financial inclusion by committing to the rural environment, adapt our channels to the needs of all people, and improve knowledge about society's finances.

  • MicroBank

    MicroBank is the CaixaBank Group's social bank, a benchmark in financial inclusion through microcredits and other financing with a social impact.

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  • Customer-centred banking

    We work towards the proximity and accessibility of all our channels, products and services.

    Customer-centred banking

  • Financial culture

    We aim financial education initiatives at all audiences in order to promote informed decision-making.

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We generate value and economic development in the areas we operate through initiatives and programmes that promote training, employment and entrepreneurship. We also collaborate with organisations to promote the employability of vulnerable groups and encourage social inclusion.

Through CaixaBank Dualiza, we promote dual vocational training with a view to contributing to our future by improving the employability of our young people and the competitiveness of companies.

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Social action, the heart of CaixaBank

We support families and society as a whole with special attention to the most vulnerable groups, promoting solidarity initiatives aimed at promoting this outlook among our customers and employees. Social Action forms part of our Group's DNA, a programme of support that we develop through the capillarity of our network of branches that allows us to detect needs and develop our own programmes in collaboration with the "la Caixa" Foundation and other regional foundations.

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