CaixaBank Group

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in Spain. Following its integration of Bankia, it has further strengthened its leadership in Spain in terms of assets. It is also one of the leading banks in the European market and has a strong presence in Portugal, where it fully controls BPI. 

The group, chaired by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri and led by CEO Gonzalo Gortazar, has 20.7 million customers and the largest branch (5,314) and ATM (14,426) network in Spain and Portugal. It is also a leader in digital banking, with a 73.1% share of digital customers in Spain (figures as of the end 2021).  


BPI is a financial institution focused on providing retail banking services in Portugal, where it is the fourth largest bank in terms of business volumes, with an 11% market share in loans and in customer funds.

BPI's business is organised into several segments: Retail, Business, Premier, InTouch and Private Banking; Business and Institutional Banking; and Corporate and Investment Banking. 

BPI offers a complete range of financial products and services, adapted to the specific needs of each sector, through a specialised, omnichannel and fully integrated distribution network.

Representation offices & international branches (1) to better serve our clients



Algiers, Beijing, Bogotá, Cairo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Lima, Milan, Shanghai, New Delhi, New York,Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto 


International branches (9 offices 2)

Poland: Warsaw
Morocco: Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir
United Kingdom: London
Germany: Frankfurt
France: Paris
Portugal: Porto and Lisbon



Mexico City   Vienna


Controlled Intl. Banking

BPI    Portugal

(1) As of November 2021
(2) Porto and Lisbon under Corporate & Institutional Banking. The rest, under International Banking.

The CaixaBank Group  also includes VidaCaixa  and CaixaBank Asset Management , the leading insurer and the leading fund manager in Spain, respectively; and MicroBank , the CaixaBank social bank and one of the largest microfinance institutions in Europe.

Structure of the CaixaBank Group

In June 2014, "la Caixa" became a Banking Foundation, with the Group’s legal reorganisation being completed in October 2014, after segregating assets and liabilities to CriteriaCaixa, including its stake in CaixaBank. 

This was followed by CaixaBank taking full control of Portuguese bank BPI, and in 2021, following the merger with Bankia, CaixaBank became the leading bank in Spain by clients and assets.

Further information

Grup structure

CaixaBank Group >>

Caixabank, S.A.

46,480 | Credit institution Spain






CaixaBank Operational Services (100%)

Services for back office administration


CaixaBank Tech

Provision of IT services


Centro de Servicios Operativos Ingeniería de Procesos (100%)

Services for back office administration


CaixaBank Facilities Management (100%)

Project management, maintenance, logistics and procurement


CaixaBank Bussiness Intelligence (100%)

Development of digital projects

IT Now (49%)

Technology and IT projects and services


CaixaBank Payments & Consumer (100%)

Consumer finance and payment methods


Wivai SelectPlace, S.A.U

Product marketing


Telefonica Consumer Finance (50%)

Consumer finance


CaixaBank Equipment Finance (100%)

Vehicle leasing and capital goods

Comercia Global Payments Entidad de Pago, S.L (20%)

Payment entity

Servired (41%)

Spanish payment method company

Global Payments Money To Pay, S.L (49%)

Payment entity

Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento (25%)

Payment methods


Building Center (100%)2

Holder of property assets

Bankia Habitat (100%)

Real-estate administration, management and operation

Living Center (100%)

Coral Homes (20%)

Real estate services

Gramina Homes (20%)

Real-estate administration, management and operation


VidaCaixa (100%)

Life insurance and pension fund Credit institution Portugal management4


BPI Vida e Pensões (100%)

Life insurance and pension fund management

SegurCaixa Adeslas (49,9%)

Non-life insurance


CaixaBank Asset Management (100%)1

Management of collective investment undertakings


BPI Gestão de activos (100%)

Management of collective investment undertakings


CaixaBank AM Luxemburgo (100%)

Management of collective investment undertakings


Banco BPI (100%)

Credit institution Portugal

Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal (35%)


Unicre (21%)

Payment methods

Cosec (50%)

Credit insurance

Banco comercial e de Investimentos (36%)

Credit institution in Mozambique


Banca Medicación (100%)

Operador de banca seguros


Imaginersgen (100%)

Management of the bank's youth segment


New Microbank (100%)

Financing of microloans


CaixaBank Welth Management Luxembourg (100%)

Credit institution Luxembourg


Caixabank Titulización (100%)

Securitisation fund management

Segurbankia, S.A.U., Correduría de Seguros del Grupo Bankia (100%)


Company subgroups

(%) Percentage of stake at 31 March 2022.

Number of employees.
N.B.: The most significant entities are included according to their contribution to the Group, excluding shareholder operations (dividends), extraordinary operations and non-core activities: Inversiones Inmobiliarias Teguise Resort S.L. (18 employees), Líderes de Empresa Siglo XXI, S.L. (25) and Credifimo, EFC, S.A. (16 employees), among others.

1In July 2021, the takeover merger of Bankia Fondos by CaixaBank Asset Management took place.
2In November 2021, Building Center purchased Gramina Homes, Living Center and Bankia Habitat.
3In December 2021, CaixaBank, S.A. acquired 51% of Bankia Mapfre Vida, S.A., currently holding 100% of its shares.
4In December 2021, the takeover merger of Bankia Pensiones by VidaCaixa took place.

Committed to employment

CaixaBank Group is one of the highest-rated companies in terms of the professional development of people*. Our activity, together with that of MicroBank, the group's social bank, enables us to create businesses and employment contributing to Spain’s and Portugal's economic and social development.


people working in the CaixaBank Group


jobs generated through the multiplier effect of purchases from suppliers (1) and 6,738 generated by Banco BPI


new businesses created with the support of microloans

*The Company measures the commitment and satisfaction of its employees through internal studies (Commitment Study and the Service Quality Study), as well as through external monitors such as the Employee Experience Measurement Index (IMEX) and Merco Talento, one of the world's benchmark for reputational assessment monitors based on a multistakeholder methodology.

Further information

Contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

As CaixaBank Group, we contribute to the Gross Domestic Product of Spain and Portugal, and we generate wealth and economic stability for society as a whole.

0.96 %


0.43 %


€ 11.52 billion

direct and indirect contribution to Spanish GDP

17 %

gross added value of CaixaBank in the financial and insurance sector

913 million

direct and indirect contribution to Portuguese GDP

6.8 %

gross added value of BPI in the financial and insurance sector

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