CaixaBank Group

We are the leading financial group in terms of retail banking in Spain and one of the most important in Portugal, where we control 100% of BPI.

We are linked to 15.5 million customers in the Iberian market, through more than 4,500 branches, the largest business network on the peninsula, with 7 million digital customers. We have been listed on the stock market since 2008 and we are part of the
IBEX-35, the leading index of the Spanish stock market.

Representation offices & international branches (1) to better serve our clients



Algiers, Beijing, Bogotá, Cairo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Lima, Milan, Shanghai, New Delhi, New York,Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto 


International branches (7 offices)

Poland: Warsaw
Morocco: Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir
United Kingdom: London
Germany: Frankfurt
France: Paris



Mexico City   Vienna


Controlled Intl. Banking

BPI    Portugal

(1) As of November 3rd 2020.

The CaixaBank Group  also includes VidaCaixa  and CaixaBank Asset Management , the leading insurer and the leading fund manager in Spain, respectively; and MicroBank , the CaixaBank social bank and one of the largest microfinance institutions in Europe.

Structure of the CaixaBank Group

In June 2014, “la Caixa” became Fundación Bancaria  and, in October 2014, the Group's formal reorganisation was completed, after the segregation of assets and liabilities in CriteriaCaixa , including its stake in CaixaBank. After this milestone, the management of the Portuguese bank BPI was taken over, enabling CaixaBank to continue strong in its leadership in retail banking on the Iberian market.

Further information

(3) On July 30th 2020, CABK reached an agreement with Global Payments Inc. to sell a 29% stake from its current 49% participation in the share capital of Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago, S.L. The transaction is expected to close during the 2nd Half of 2020.
(4) Post de-listing squeeze out exercised on 27 December 2018.
(5) Main non-controlled stakes of CaixaBank Group, including BPI’s main non-control stakes of 48.10% of BFA and 35.67% of BCI as of 30 September 2020.

Committed to employment

As CaixaBank Group, we are one of the highest-rated companies in terms of the professional development of people. Our activity, together with that of the group's social bank, MicroBank, enable us to create businesses and jobs that contribute to Spain and Portugal's economic and social development.


people working in the CaixaBank Group


jobs generated through the multiplier effect of purchases from suppliers (1) and 6,175 generated by Banco BPI

€ 2,460 million

in salaries, wages and other employee benefits (2)


new businesses created with the support of microloans

(1) Source: CaixaBank Research, based on the added value of CaixaBank, Spanish GDP and employment according to National Accounting and productivity figures per worker and based on the input/output tables of the National Statistics Institute (INE) with 4th-quarter data.
(2) Excluding Social Security contributions included in tax contributions.

Further information

Contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

As CaixaBank Group, we contribute to the Gross Domestic Product of Spain and Portugal, and we generate wealth and economic stability for society as a whole.

0.76 %


0.37 %


€ 9.468 billion

direct and indirect contribution to Spanish GDP

13.6 %

gross added value of CaixaBank in the financial and insurance sector

€ 791 million

direct and indirect contribution to Portuguese GDP

6.1 %

gross added value of BPI in the financial and insurance sector

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