CaixaBank escolta València

‘CaixaBank escolta València’

At CaixaBank, as a personal bank that is connected to the territory in which we are present, we support Valencian music culture, especially bands, a social and cultural phenomenon of enormous magnitude that the Valencian people experience from a young age, because music is taught from childhood and shared throughout a lifetime.

Such a remarkable phenomenon needs strong support such as ‘CaixaBank escolta València’, a project undertaken by CaixaBank, in partnership collaboration with the Federation of Musical Societies of the Region of Valencia (FSMCV) and the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC). The goal of this study is to ensure the continuity of musical activity and education in this field and to raise awareness of them, placing them at the focus of culture shared by all the Valencian people.

Its various lines include the annual calls for scholarships for students from the FSMCV network of music schools; festivals, competitions and concert cycles of orchestras of musical associations; the Valencian Musical Talent Awards; ‘Música a la llum’; and l’Alqueria Julià-Casa de la Música.

In Valencia, 50% of Spain's musical associations and schools are present. A total of 550 federated musical associations, with upwards of 1,100 bands, more than 43,000 musicians, 60,000 students, 200,000 members, 600 educational centres and more than 5,000 teachers.

The Musical Associations of the Region of Valencia were declared a ‘Representative Manifestation of Intangible Cultural Heritage’ in March 2021.

Annual calls for scholarships

The annual calls for scholarships for students studying in music schools dependent on Valencian associations is a powerful action whose purpose is to encourage youngest to study music and to encourage all students to continue their musical studies regardless of their economic status. Since its launch in the academic year 2014-2015, more than 5,800 students have benefited, featuring a total investment of more than 2.4 million euros. 

8th Edition of ‘CaixaBank Call for Scholarships’

The purpose of these scholarships is to foster the study of music as a way of contributing to the development of this cultural activity that boasts a long-standing tradition in Valencia. Thus, what better way than doing so by supporting future musicians.

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