Procurement and suppliers

We work with suppliers committed to respecting human and labour rights.

At CaixaBank, we work hand in hand with our suppliers and ask them to share the same ethical principles of social and environmental commitment that we do. By working together, we contribute to sustainable development and create value for society.

In 2023 we have developed an indicator that will allow us, from 2024, to classify suppliers based on ESG sustainable criteria.

Our suppliers are committed to respecting the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact , relating to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and accept our Supplier Code of Conduct  and Procurement Principles  in the approval process.

Supplier commitments:

  • Integrity and transparency

    To implement best practices in transparency, social and environmental welfare, and good corporate governance.

  • Ethical principles

    To respect human and labour rights and work with a shared sense of commitment

Environmental commitment in the value chain

Caring for the environment in which we operate is fundamental and therefore, with the incorporation of environmental criteria in the purchase of products and the contracting of services, we extend our environmental commitment to suppliers and encourage them to adopt measures to minimise the climate impact of their activities.

Included on the 2023 CDP Supplier Leader Engagement Rating with a score of “A”, in recognition of CaixaBank’s efforts to curb climate risk within its value chain.

2023 data


approved suppliers at year-end


suppliers certified in social and environmental management


million euros in purchase volume awarded to Special Employment Centres


job positions generated through the multiplier effect of purchases from suppliers

Our Supplier portal enables companies to register in order to offer their services as suppliers and, where necessary, to comply with ethical, social, and environmental standards:

Procurement Principles  

Supplier Code of Conduct  

Suppliers' portal