Professional development and training

Professional development

At CaixaBank we attract the best professionals and foster human development in a good work environment.

We apply competence-based management for each professional profile, which includes the identification, training and development the skills required for each person and position, so that all members of the team can fulfil their potential.

In this way, the competencies of the people who make up our teams develop together with our business model and the professional profiles that sustain it. This allows greater specialisation resulting from segmentation of clients.

At CaixaBank we have a Management Development Plan to build up talent in our management team and support implementation of the Strategic Plan.


We apply our competency-based management model in all lines of business and segments.

We focus on key competencies in professional staff recruiting,to encourage talent and boost the abilities of all the people who work in our organisation.

All this aims to promote the value of our teams and thus, face the challenges of the future as the leading organisation in the financial sector, both nationally and internationally.

Development, talent and leadership

On the basis of our talent map, the all over to competency-based appraisal system and identification of levels of contribution, we carry out specific programmes to foster the development of our teams, such as the career plans for Client Advisers, Private Banking Advisers or the Progresa programme aimed at people in pre-management positions.

Training, we never stop learning

We present our training model so that our people will never stop learning.

CaixaBank Campus: our training model

At CaixaBank we offer training, both in person and online, for people to grow professionally, expand their opportunities and achieve their goals.

To do this, people at CaixaBank have Virtaula, an e-learning platform that combines collaboration, training, and communication.

CaixaBank Campus learning strategy

Based on these pillars:

  • Connected knowledge.
  • Learning opportunities.
  • Quality and excellence.

Learning plan

In CaixaBank Campus, the people who work at CaixaBank can have access to:

  • Regulatory training: according to the requirements of the regulatory body.
  • Recommended training: according to CaixaBank suggestions.
  • Self-Learning: according to personal interests.

Drivers: people and tools

We have the Virtaula platform, a tool to boost learning and enhance the experience of the professionals at CaixaBank, through:

  • Self-learning schools.
  • Annual training planner with goals.
  • AI tool to recommend self-training by function and profile.
  • Training classrooms.

We also have internal trainers to facilitate learning and changemakers to facilitate cultural and digital change at CaixaBank.