What does it mean to be a shareholder?

Voting and/or proxy rights at Annual General Meetings

Shareholders may participate in ordinary and extraordinary general meetings and vote, or appoint a proxy using the established channels. All shareholders with a minimum of 1,000 shares can attend these Meetings.

Annual General Meeting

Right to information

CaixaBank provides its shareholders different resources and informative materials on the performance of the CaixaBank share and the most significant new developments concerning the Bank.

Shareholder information service

Right to remuneration

Remuneration issued to shareholders is a priority and a commitment that CaixaBank has to its shareholder base.


Remuneration of Shareholders

Financial year 2022: distribution of a cash dividend of between 50% and 60% of consolidated net profit, through a single payment in April 2023.

Share buyback: On 14 December 2022, the end of the share buyback programme was announced (that started on 17 May 2022).

On 13 January 2023, the public deed for the reduction of capital by 558,515,414 shares to 7,502,131,619 shares was registered in the Companies' Registry of Valencia.

CNMV communications

Disclosures to the Spanish securities market regulator (CNMV) on shareholder remuneration for financial year 2022:

See dividend policy in section Corporate policies and other corporate documents

For more information on Remuneration on Shareholders, refer to the Dividends section


The answers given to the above questions are intended for guidance purposes only and are subject at all times to prevailing law and regulations (By-laws and the Spanish Corporate Enterprises Act).

Shareholder Contact Service

The CaixaBank Shareholder Contact Service offers you the possibility of contacting us via several service channels:

  • Shareholder office

  • Suggestions

  • Email

  • Telephone