Mission, vision, values

Our mission

To contribute to the financial well-being of our customers and to the progress of society

CaixaBank offers its customers the best tools and expert advice to make decisions and develop habits that form the basis of financial well-being and enables them to appropriately address recurring expenses, cover unforeseen events, maintain purchasing power during retirement or to turn their dreams and projects into reality.

We do this with:

  • Specialised advice
  • Personal finance simulation and monitoring tools
  • Comfortable and secure payment methods
  • A broad range of saving pension and insurance products
  • Responsible lending
  • Overseeing the security of our customers' personal information

Besides contributing to our customers' financial well-being, our aim is to support the progress of the whole of society. We are a deeply committed retail bank in all areas in which we work. For this reason, we help communities where we conduct our business thrive.

We contribute to the progress of society:

  • Effectively and prudently channelling savings and financing, and guaranteeing an efficient and secure payment system.
  • Through financial inclusion and education; environmental sustainability; support for diversity; with housing aid programs; and promoting corporate voluntary work.
  • Additionally, through our collaboration with the Obra Social of “la Caixa” Banking Foundation, whose budget is partly nourished through the dividends that CriteriaCaixa earns from its share in CaixaBank. A major part of this budget is funnelled into local needs identified through the CaixaBank branch network in Spain and BPI in Portugal.

Our values



Social Commitment

Our culture

People first

Flexibility as our attitude

Collaboration as our strength