We strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At CaixaBank, diversity and inclusion represent a strategic priority and a commitment to our teams and to society as a whole.

In order to continue being a leading company for our employees and to continue supporting our customers in their daily lives and in the future, it is key that our organisation is a reflection of the diverse society that we live in.

That is why in 2022 we developed our new 2022-24 Diversity and Inclusion Plan. And in this new Report, we share the projects we have carried out, their impact and our progress on this issue.

Download our 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Report 

2022: a year in figures


Percentage of women in our workforce


Percentage of women in management positions*


Percentage of all people that have moved into management positions for the first time are women


Employees with disabilities


Employees from 4 generations


People of 73 different nationalities

*A and B branch assistant management upwards.

Main diversity and inclusion milestones in 2022

In the global Top 5
in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

Over 600 women
in mentoring programmes for women since 2017, with the promotion of 64.3 % of participants.

3rd Global Mentoring Walk Madrid
with over 200 participants, with the Vital Voices network.

6th year
of the Women in Business Award and 2nd year of the Self-Employed Professional Women Award.

975 participants
in the 5th year of the WONNOW Awards for female excellence in STEM careers.

New external Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee
that helps CaixaBank in its Strategic decisions in this field.

Key diversity and inclusion indicators

The progress of women to management positions at CaixaBank*

34,6% 35,7% 37,0% 39,0% 39,9% 41,3% 41,6% 41,3% 41,8%

*Management positions are considered as A and B branch assistant management upwards.

To strengthen gender diversity in management and pre-management positions and to continue promoting female leadership in the organisation

We promote equal opportunities by supporting the careers of our company’s managers. We have established ourselves as a leading company in terms of gender equality.

Profound changes are only possible if they start from within.

To strengthen our inclusive and diverse culture (beyond gender), and to ensure equal pay for everyone in the company

We integrate everyone, we ensure that our working conditions support a good work-family balance, fair pay and positive guidance. We promote initiatives in all areas of diversity.

To be the leading financial institution in terms of diversity and inclusion for our customers and business segments

We recognise entrepreneurial talent, we empower women in sectors with the greatest inequality and we support our customers with special needs.

To continue promoting diversity and equal opportunities in society through awareness initiatives and strategic alliances

We incentivise and put an emphasis on leadership, education and sport for people’s development and to help build a fairer, more equitable society.

Together we
are stronger