At CaixaBank, internal communication is one of our main tools to share the centennial values that have founded our history on quality, trust, and social commitment.

Through our internal communication, the people who work at CaixaBank.

  • Are aware of the organisation's strategic challenges and priorities.
  • Collaborate from their standpoints to generate collective knowledge and play a part in decisions and their implementation.
  • Share good practices and get the recognition they deserve.

We do this primarily through “PeopleNow”, our internal social network, developed in 2020 as an evolution of the “Personas” information site.

In “PeopleNow” we share commercial, financial, corporate and employee content. 

Each staff member has a profile and creates or takes part in communities according to their interests, and subscribes to any two-way information channels they may find useful, allowing constant active listening. 

Other lines of work include the design and creation of motivational campaigns, aligned with the requirements of the business or of cultural change, the organisation of internal events and the publication of a newsletter which is distributed to all the people in the CaixaBank team.