We promote an ethical and transparent culture among all our professionals.

The integrity of our professionals and actions based on the highest ethics and transparency standards with our shareholders, customers, investors and society as a whole, govern the way we relate to each other and to the environment in which we operate.

Respect for Human Rights, which is an integral part of the Group's corporate values, underlines our way of acting. We also have our own Code of Business Conduct and Ethics  to regulate our behavioural model in all our activities and operations.

Principles of conduct

Compliance with laws and regulations




Excellence and professionalism


Social responsibility

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is the highest-level standard, providing meaning to all other rules and guiding the behaviour of the people who make up CaixaBank: employees, executives and members of Governing Bodies.

This Code influences the internal relationships in the company and the external ones with customers, suppliers and society in general. Through it, we conform to the highest national and international standards and wholly reject any kind of practice that is contrary to ethics and to the general working principles contained in the Code.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 

Values and ethical principles that inspire our activities.

Based on the principles and values in this Code, CaixaBank has developed a series of Standards of Conduct that apply to all the companies that comprise the CaixaBank Group. These include:

Sustainability Principles

Commitment of the entire CaixaBank Group to consolidating an efficient, sustainable and responsible model of action characterised by a strong social calling.

Principles of Human Rights at CaixaBank 

This establishes our commitment with the highest standards in terms of human rights.

Summary of the due diligence process and human rights assessment 

General Principles of Corporate Anti-Corruption Policy 

We undertake to work against corruption in all its forms.

Operating principles of the Corporate Policy for managing sustainability/ESG risks 

Operating principles that establish the governance and management of sustainability risks, regulating the relationship with companies and financing of operations, especially in the most exposed sectors, such as energy, mining, infrastructures, agriculture and defense.

Tax Risk Control and Management Policy 

This policy establishes our commitment to all tax responsibility principles.

Occupational Health and Safety policy 

This policy allows us to strengthen initiatives and activities that favour labour well-being and the best working conditions.

Action principles regarding the privacy and rights of CaixaBank customers 

At CaixaBank, we are guided by a total respect for the fundamental right to personal data protection, keeping the information provided to us confidential.

Principles of Procurement 

Framework of collaboration with our providers, which seeks to form stable commercial ties in coherence with our values.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

This contains the fundamental values and principles that CaixaBank suppliers must respect.

As a result of the commitment to promote a responsible culture, at CaixaBank we have the following certifications:

UNE-ISO 37301:2021: Certification of Compliance Management Systems.

UNE 19601:2017: Certification of Criminal Management Systems.

ISO 37001:2016: Certification of Anti-bribery Management Systems.

For more information on other policies and documents, see the following sections:

Corporate policies and other corporate documents

Corporate Internal Code of Conduct