ESG analysts and ratings

CaixaBank's long-term sustainable management model places us among the financial institutions with the best Environmental, Social and Good Governance (ESG) ratings, as recognised by the main rating agencies and sustainability analysts.

In financial markets ESG ratings are the most widely accepted way to obtain information on the sustainability performance of companies and to facilitate responsible investment decisions.

They reflect the actions of companies in the areas of sustainability and responsible management, exposure to non-financial risks and their ability to manage them, the development of the business and its positive impact in social and environmental terms, and questions of corporate governance.

In line with our objective of being the European benchmark in sustainability, we are the only Spanish bank that has been subject voluntarily to the ESG rating by Sustainable Fitch in its solicited classification, which involves a firmer commitment towards reporting and enables a more in-depth analysis than the unsolicited classification (non-voluntary). Sustainable Fitch has awarded us an ESG Entity Rating of 2 in its August 2023 assessment, one of the highest ratings in the financial sector worldwide.

ESG ratings / agencies

Latest rating obtained

Key facts


(5-1, where 1 is the best possible rating)

  • ESG Entity Rating by Sustainable Fitch
  • First solicited rating released in October 2023  
  • Only Spanish bank with solicited rating

As a result of our commitment to sustainability, in 2023 CaixaBank was again included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), World and Europe, for the twelfth consecutive year.

Being listed in the DJSI means that investors and the main stakeholder groups recognise the company's good performance in terms of sustainability.

In addition, in 2024 we have been included again in the A List of the CDP analyst, a global benchmark that classifies companies according to their carbon footprint management and climate impact. In 2023 CaixaBank obtained the highest 'A' rating, placing it on the Climate Change A List 2023, for the tenth consecutive year, within the Leadership category in management and transparency regarding climate change issues, recognising our outstanding performance in the management and measurement of the climate and environmental impacts of our activity.

Through our activities, initiatives and projects, we contribute to preventing and mitigating climate change, to driving the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and to social development, thus strengthening our position in the area of sustainability.

In this way, we meet the expectations of investors who are committed to long-term strategies and include ESG criteria in their investment decisions.

ESG ratings / agencies

Latest rating obtained

Key facts

Member of dow jones



  • Present in the DJSI World and DJSI Europe indices
  • Included consistently since 2012. Last updated December 2023
  • S&P Global analysts



  • CaixaBank has been part of the MSCI ESG Leader Index since 2015
  • First included in 2015. Last updated February 2024
  • MSCI ESG analysis



  • FTSE4Good Index Series
  • First included in 2011. Last updated June 2023
  • Global rating (4.2), above the sector (3.1) and also for all dimensions: environmental: 3 (v. 2,8 for sector), social: 4.7 (v. 2.7 for sector) and governance: 4.8 (v. 3.6 for sector)
  • FTSE Russell Index

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Low risk (100-0)

  • STOXX Global ESG
  • First included in 2013. Last updated December 2023
  • ESG Risk Rating "LOW RISK". ESG Risk management rated "STRONG"
  • Sustainalytics ratings



  • First included in 2012. Last updated January 2024.
  • Highest “A” rating, being present on the Climate Change A List 2023.
  • 10th consecutive year in the Leadership category for corporate transparency and action on climate change.
  • CDP ratings
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C +

  • ISS ESG Europe Governance QualityScore Index, Solactive ISS ESG Index Series
  • First included in 2013. Last updated December 2023
  • CaixaBank is ranked among the top 10% in the sector (Public &; Regional Banks, including 279 companies), PRIME category, 1st decile
  • The analyst rates the entity's level of transparency as Very High
  • ISS ESG ratings


  • ISS ESG Europe Governance QualityScore Index
  • Monthly update, last updated December 2023.
  • Rated 1 in governance, environmental and social
  • ISS ratings



  • Euronext Vigeo Index Euro 120 and Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility Index PR
  • First included in 2013. Last updated October 2023
  • "Advanced" category and above the sector average for "Diversified banks"; "Advanced" category in 16 areas, including Environmental Strategy and Climate Change, 3 areas of Human Resources, Green Products and SRI, Internal Controls and Risk Management, Non-discrimination and Financial Inclusion, among others
  • Moody's Analytics

Other rating agencies

Otras agencias evaluadoras Other agencies that assess our ESG management.

Other acknowledgements

Included in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2024 for the twelfth consecutive year and recognised with Top 10 % S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) Score 2023 for excellent performance in sustainability.
Included on the 2023 CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Rating with a score of “A”, in recognition of CaixaBank’s efforts to curb climate risk within its value chain.

We have also been included for the sixth consecutive year in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, an international index that evaluates companies’ policies on gender equality and transparency in the disclosure of their programs and data, reaching 3rd position worldwide.

More recognitions in terms of equality and diversity in People.

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World Benchmarking Alliance, whose objective is to help companies achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ranks us as the leading Spanish bank in terms of contribution to a fair and sustainable economy. In addition, we are seventh among European entities and ninth worldwide out of the 400 financial institutions evaluated.