Wengage programme

Wengage Empowering Diversity

Wengage is our diversity programme. Developed by people from all parts of CaixaBank, it promotes and highlights meritocracy, equal opportunities and gender, functional and generational diversity.

Wengage concentrates on fostering gender equality, internally by increasing the number and visibility of women managers in the organisation, and externally by publicising equal opportunities and the value of diversity.

The CaixaBank Diversity Committee defines, drives, and guarantees the implementation of initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion in the organisation, in order to develop talent while assuring meritocracy and equal opportunities.

Internal goals and initiatives

Reinforcing the role of women in the organisation

  • We have a women's mentoring programme.
  • We take part in the Women and Leadership management and pre-management training programme at IESE and ESADE´s Promote programme.
Mujer con un portátil trabajando en las oficinas de CaixaBank

Engaging and making everybody aware

  • In our social and professional relations and communications, we share a range of videos and other materials such as the Egalitarian communication: the challenge of inter-personal relationships guide , published in 2018 and in which we consider the unconscious bias, restricting beliefs and gender stereotypes in our society.
  • We have a Diversity Manifesto  which contains CaixaBank's commitments in this area.
  • We also have developed GenterTEST, an educational tool to enable us to carry on external communications free from gender stereotypes.
Manos unidas en un gesto de trabajo en equipo, puestas unas sobre otras en un fondo borroso

Contributing through HR processes

  • We promote gender diversity in management promotion processes, in the talent committee and in our pre-management programmes.
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Making diversity visible in the organisation

  • Through women managers' networking sessions in which new initiatives in the Wengage programme are discussed.
  • Through our network of equality agents.
  • And by publishing news on the corporate intranet, highlighting the work of women managers and successful collaborations as a source of inspiration to the rest of the team.
Mujer conversando con un hombre y personas de fondo observando y hablando

External initiatives

We promote equal opportunities and diversity by prioritising three areas:

Leadership and enterprise

  • We organise the The Women in Business Award .
  • We collaborate with the IWEC international award to support enterprising women.
  • We organize Premio A Mujer Profesional Autónoma .
  • We organize conferences and events to promote the empowerment of women such as the Global Mentoring Walk , the international mentoring initiative by the Vital Voices organisation, for which we are the Lead Sponsor in Spain.
  • We set up an online mentoring platform with the organisation Vital Voices to provide support for enterprising women all over Europe who are going through a difficult time in their careers due to COVID-19.

Innovation and education

  • With the WONNOW awards  that we organise together with Microsoft, we support and foster the presence of women on STEM courses.
  • We also run special workshops with girls and teenagers to awaken their interest in the STEM area.
  • We also organise lectures and talks on topics of interest and current issues.


  • We support women's sports by sponsoring the national women's football and basketball teams.

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