Compensation and social benefits

We like to encourage talent. We attract, retain, and motivate the people who best fit in our teams. We offer good benefits and forge bonds where we all win.

Every person at CaixaBank receives totally individualized compensation according to their responsibilities, their contribution to the organisation and the employee benefits they are entitled to. Our compensation package generally includes:

    • A competitive fixed monthly salary.
    • Variable compensation. Specific bonuses for each of the CaixaBank business areas, set according to the targets of the organisation, the team and individuals.
    • Employee pension plans and risk cover.
    • Financial benefits and other employee advantages, like health insurance, financial assistance for training and preferential conditions in the granting of loans.

    We also offer our staff the "My total compensation" platform, allowing them to view clearly, quickly and graphically how much they have earned over the previous 12 months.

    Talent recognition policy

    • People in CaixaBank have a system of variable compensation depending on individual and group targets. Thus, we foster a culture of teamwork and recognition of each person's contribution.
    • Our pay policy is based on a criterion of non-discrimination and meritocracy.

    Employee benefits

    We offer advantages and benefits for employees to encourage people to develop their potential, agility and collaboration. Highlights among the benefits enjoyed by all our workforce include:

    • Contributions to pension plans
    • Health insurance policy
    • Financial assistance for courses and extra studies for their children and other cases
    • Life and accident insurance policies
    • Financial advantages

    Flexible compensation plan

    Moreover, at CaixaBank we apply the Compensa + flexible compensation plan which allows our professionals to contract products and/or services to benefit from tax and financial advantages.

    This plan enables them to contract the products best suited to their needs and gain a significant increase in their net disposable income at the end of the month.

    Some of the products and services available under Compensa + are:

    • Family health insurance policy.
    • Improved employee health insurance policy.
    • Crèche.
    • Savings insurance policy.