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CaixaBank's social commitment is projected even more thanks to its territorial control. The people who work in our network of branches detect the needs of local social organizations, channelling the financial support of the "la Caixa" Foundation.

Thanks to this collaboration between CaixaBank Social Action and the “la Caixa” Foundation, thousands of small and medium-sized social organizations have access to valuable resources to carry out their projects.

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"la Caixa" Foundation

At CaixaBank, we contribute to social progress by supporting inclusion, education, environmental sustainability, diversity, corporate volunteering and social welfare in general, through our collaboration with the "la Caixa" Foundation, our benchmark shareholder.

With a budget of 515 million euros in 2022, it is once again the private foundation with the most resources dedicated to social initiatives in Spain.

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CaixaBank Volunteering

At CaixaBank, we promote corporate volunteering as a basic pillar of our social action. With the aim of contributing to improve society, the quality of life of people and their environment, we make the most of the work carried out by employees, customers, acquaintances and many other groups interested in helping others.

The positive impact of CaixaBank's Volunteer work is twofold: it contributes to improving many peoples' lives and helping causes that require support, and it enhances the relationships between the bank's employees, thus adding to their personal and professional growth.

The benchmark in corporate volunteering since 2005

CaixaBank's Volunteers Association was created by the bank's employees and retirees in 2005, supported by “la Caixa”, with the aim of integrating volunteer work into the employees' daily activity. The association's goal is to contribute together to a better and fairer world, in which opportunities are given to those who most need them.

CaixaBank's Volunteer programme is participated by employees in active service from the entire Group, “la Caixa” Foundation, retired employees and individuals who took early retirement from these organisations, as well as friends, relatives and customers.

We work towards improving the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations

The Association's work is materialised in detecting certain vulnerable communities' social requirements within areas of activity, in which it is the benchmark. Through these areas, it is able to cover the needs of these communities and encourage transformative actions aimed at changing current situations:

  • Education

  • Digitization

  • Accompaniment

  • Environment

CaixaBank's 2022 volunteering in figures:







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Environment Calls

At CaixaBank we have been fighting against climate change and working towards improving the environment in every corner of Spain for many years.

Our commitment is aimed at positively contributing to the transition to a carbon neutral economy by reducing the direct impact of our operations, financing and investing in sustainable projects, and supporting and fulfilling the most urgent environmental and local needs.

We are extending this purpose by taking one step further and launching, annually, a series of calls in Spain to support non-profit, local associations and entities who are involved in protecting nature and the environment or in rural development.

We want to support improvement projects engaged in rural heritage, biodiversity protection, environmental innovation and combating depopulation, together with those who best know the needs of our environment.

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Social calls

Here at CaixaBank we set out to improve the world around us through our actions. This is why in 2023 we continue to support appeals by eleven regional charities with the aim of supporting bodies that work on the ground, making their job easier in the areas of local development, social inclusion and employment integration.