Occupational health and well-being

Corporate health, safety and well-being

People are at the centre of our organisation and their well-being at work is our priority. We therefore focus on creating a culture of prevention and safe work environments.

We work in healthy, sustainable surroundings where the health of our staff is an essential factor.

For CaixaBank, fostering health and safety at work is fundamental, and one of our basic principles and founding goals is to constantly improve working conditions and environments.

How we approach our workforce's occupational well-being at CaixaBank:

  • We foster a culture of risk prevention at all levels of the organisation.
  • We ensure compliance with applicable legislation, in addition to the voluntary commitments we have entered into.
  • We analyse preventive aspects at source.
  • We implement constant improvement measures.
  • Steps are constantly taken to train, inform and raise awareness in the workforce, to enable our staff to do their jobs safely.
  • We keep up an industrial health and safety management system in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard and a healthy organisation management system in accordance with the AENOR SIGOS model, which is more demanding than legal regulations, and we adapt to future international standards.

We have committees to ensure health, safety and well-being for people, as well as a group of experts specialised in risk prevention, health and security:

  • Occupational Risk Prevention Coordination Committee, to define policy in the area of risk prevention to enhance supervision, management and monitoring of needs in the field of health and safety and the running of training measures.
  • Single Industrial Health and Safety Committee which undertakes consultation, participation and information in the field of occupational risk prevention.
  • Risk Prevention, Health and Safety Department, made up of experts specialised in all areas of risk prevention, to ensure people's health and safety throughout the organisation and group companies.
  • Healthy Organisation Expert Group, made up of representatives of various areas across the organisation, whose goal is to achieve the highest possible level of well-being for the people in this organisation or linked to it (workforce, clients, suppliers, society in general, etc.), by offering them a range of options to boost their quality of life

Our management as a Healthy Organisation: the We Are Healthy Programme

For CaixaBank, being a Healthy Organisation goes far beyond simply complying with legal obligations in the area of industrial health and safety. Our goals are more ambitious and farreaching: they involve attending to all the factors and variables that affect people's well-being, motivation, personal satisfaction, lifestyle and commitment to the organisation. This is also an important contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 3, Good Health and Well-being.

The CaixaBank "We Are Healthy" health and well-being plan is based on a holistic, 360º view of well-being, which covers all aspects of well-being: emotional, social, occupational, physical, financial and environmental.

"We Are Healthy" is closely aligned with CaixaBank's corporate purpose of "being close to people in everything that matters". This closeness puts people first, covering all CaixaBank interest groups (both external and internal). People come first for the organisation and ensuring their well-being and peace of mind is a high-impact factor.

Training and information activities for the whole workforce

A transversal work team

With people responsible for corporate health, safety, and well-being in each regional area.

Review of emergency plans

Take emergency measures, train teams and, raise people's awareness through simulations.

Safety in robbery prevention

Protocol and training in preventing robberies and adapting security facilities.

Improvement and monitoring of conditions on site

Agile, collaborative new work environments

Health monitoring with protocols for specific groups

Socio-psychological environment

Improving the conditions in the work environment related to the organisation, the content and performance of tasks and the working environment in which they are performed.

Healthy Organization Management System Certification 

Certification in ISO 45001 of the Health and Safety Prevention Management System