Financial culture

At CaixaBank we are committed to improving the financial culture of our customers and shareholders and, in general, of the whole of society, including the most vulnerable groups.

Through our Financial Culture Plan, we implement financial education initiatives intended for all types of audience, in order to foster informed decision-making.

Our goal is clear: we want to support the training of different groups through courses, conferences and workshops, and to encourage people to develop their financial culture, raising awareness of its importance through public and free outreach programmes.

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We have three types of initiatives


Mucho por hacer (A lot to do)

Informative and awareness-raising content that connects financial concepts such as savings, investment and insurance with the life stories of renowned people in our society.

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Financial tips for young people

We post short videos, through the imagin app and social networks, intended for young people to support them in their knowledge of financial concepts.

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CaixaBank Talks

We hold online events on saving, protection and financial planning in various life situations.

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We have various programs adapted to suit various different audiences:

  • Aula Programme

    This economics and finance training initiative is intended for our shareholders. Its launch in 2010 made us the first IBEX company to offer training to its shareholders.

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  • CaixaBank Volunteering talks and workshops

    CaixaBank volunteers take part in talks and workshops intended for various groups such as young, elderly and vulnerable people. Furthermore, since 2013, our volunteers have been involved in the Educació Financera a les Escoles de Catalunya  (Financial Education in the Schools of Catalonia) programme.

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  • Courses with elBulliFoundation

    Through in-person courses on restaurant business management, intended for our customers in the sector, participants receive training and advice from the elBulliFoundation. This initiative is also supplemented by access to Ferran Adrià Management Recipes.

    CaixaBankLab Campus

Generating knowledge and analysis:

CaixaBank Research

Through this space, we create and disseminate knowledge through research and economic analysis, contributing to public debate and the economic awareness of society.

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CaixaBank Chair on Sustainability and Social Impact

Conducted in partnership with IESE Business School, its goal is to foster sustainable business practices and generate new ideas in the business world.

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Besides all these initiatives, CaixaBank has been part of the Funcas-Educa Programme for Encouraging Financial Education  since 2018, the goal of which is to improve the level and quality of financial culture in society.