MicroBank, financing with a social impact

MicroBank is the social bank of the CaixaBank Group. We are leaders in financial inclusion through microloans and other financing with a social impact.

MicroBank is committed to the corporate values of the CaixaBank Group:

  • Job creation

  • Promotion of productive activity


  • Personal and family development


  • Financial inclusion 

  • Generating social impact


Since 2007, through CaixaBank's branch network, we have been offering financial products and services that are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and families in order to promote personal development, social progress and financial inclusion.

We focus on families with a combined income below 19,300 euros (3 times the public income index), on entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises (up to 9 employees and 2 million euros in turnover), and students and companies whose activities have a positive and measurable impact on society (education, innovation, social economy, etc.).

Behind every impulse, there is a true story:

A la Par Foundation

“A diverse society is a better society”.

Learn the real story

Mujer sonriente con los brazos cruzados de la Fundación A la Par con financiación MicroBank de CaixaBank

Splash Baby Spa

“We combine aquatic stimulation with child massage to boost the baby’s motor, cognitive and sensorial development”.

Learn the real story

Mujer joven sonriente trabajadora de Splash Baby Spa con financiación MicroBank de CaixaBank

Thanks to different agreements with European institutions, such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), we offer financing to groups that, due to their economic or social conditions, may have problems accessing the traditional financial system.

Together, we promote the development of entrepreneurship, micro-enterprises, social enterprises and education.

Our range of financial products is divided into two main groups:


  • Loans with a maximum amount that ranges between €25,000 and €30,000, reaching €50,000 in some cases, and with no collateral.
  • Intended for families, entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises that may have problems accessing traditional bank financing.

Other financing with social impact:

  • Loans with personal guarantees that help to create a positive and measurable social impact on society.

Social economy

Entrepreneurship and innovation



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Our social impact in 2023 by the numbers:


microloans and other financing with a social impact




direct jobs created with support to entrepreneurs


Total micro-credits granted and other loans with social impact


new business


partner entities

MicroBank contributes to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how Our Model is positively impacting these SDGs.