Presenting Positive Balance: six video episodes dealing with useful concepts and lessons to deal with everyday doubts about personal finance, in a clear way and providing tools to help you achieve your goals.

In this financial culture programme, expert in finance Natalia de Santiago talks to six influencers from different backgrounds, giving useful, practical and accessible recommendations to put into practice in everyday life, to help us all achieve financial well-being.

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New Year's Resolutions – Investments

Ingrid Pino

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Ingrid Pino

Ingrid Pino, an athlete and expert in sports routines, finds out why investment is a good starting point to get her finances fit.

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Natalia de Santiago

Natalia de Santiago shares some key points you need to know before starting to invest.

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Easter Week

Cristian Delgado

It’s time for a short break, but there’s a key factor in making it a success: planning. And the same goes for your finances. Find out more about budgeting: how to do it, what to bear in mind, what the so-called “invisible costs” are and other key information about this subject, all from our expert.

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It’s getting warmer

Blondie Muser

It’s getting warmer and we’re starting to think about holidays. Whether you have a destination in mind or you’re still thinking about it, having savings can help you to get further.

When is it best to save? Is there a minimum amount to save? What key points can help you to save? Our expert answers these and other questions.

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Cybersecurity and phishing


Marina Comes

The holidays are here and, just as you protect your home when you go away, it’s important to remember that protecting your data and accounts is essential to your peace of mind. So let us give you a few tips on cybersecurity to help you browse the internet with maximum confidence.

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Family finances

Back to school

Raquel Azuaga

It’s back to school time and everything that means: organisation, expenses, materials...