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Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Management Committee

Composition of the Management Committee

PostDate of appointment (Management Committee)Proposal of the Appointments Committee
Gonzalo Gortázar Rotaeche CEO 30/06/2011
Juan Antonio Alcaraz García Chief Business Officer 30/06/2011
Matthias Bulach Head of Financial Accounting, Control and Capital 17/11/2016
Francesc Xavier Coll Escursell Chief Human Resources and Organisation Officer 30/06/2011
Tomás Muniesa Arantegui Chief Insurance and Asset Management Officer 30/06/2011
Joaquín Vilar Barrabeig Head of Audit 30/06/2011
Jorge Fontanals Curiel Head of Resources 10/07/2014
María Luisa Martínez Gistau Head of Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR 27/05/2016
María Victoria Matía Agell Head of International Banking 29/01/2015
Jordi Mondéjar López Chief Risks Officer 10/07/2014
Javier Pano Riera Head of Finance 24/10/2013
Oscar Calderón de Oya General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors  29/05/2014

Last updated: August 2017