Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Management Committee

Composition of the Management Committe

Name Post Date of appointment (Management Committee) Proposal of the Appointments Committee
Gonzalo Gortázar CEO 30-06-2011
Juan Antonio Alcaraz Chief Business Officer 30-06-2011
Xavier Coll Chief Human Resources and Organization Officer 30-06-2011
Jordi Mondéjar Chief Risks Officer 10-07-2014
Iñaki Badiola Head of CIB and International Banking 22-11-2018
Luis Javier Blas Head of Resources 30-10-2019
Matthias Bulach Head of Financial Accounting, Control and Capital 28-11-2016
María Luisa Martínez Head of Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR 27-05-2016
Javier Pano Chief Financial Officer 24-10-2013
Marisa Retamosa Head of Internal Audit 22-11-2018
Javier Valle Head of Insurance 22-11-2018
Oscar Calderón General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors  29-05-2014

Last updated: February 2020