At CaixaBank, we base our activities around the following policies and principles in social and environmental aspects:

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 

Values and ethical principles that inspire our activities.

Principles of the Corporate Policy on Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility 

Strategy and basic principles governing CSR activities.

Corporate Human Rights Policy 

This establishes our commitment with the highest standards in terms of human rights.

Summary of the due diligence process and human rights assessment 

General Principles of Corporate Anti-Corruption Policy 

We undertake to work against corruption in all its forms.

Action principles of the Corporate Policy for Relations with the Defense sector 

This governs the conditions for having trade relations with companies of the Defence sector, and establishes restrictions and exclusion criteria.

Tax Risk Control and Management Policy 

This policy establishes our commitment to all tax responsibility principles.

Occupational Health and Safety policy 

This policy allows us to strengthen initiatives and activities that favour labour well-being and the best working conditions.

Environmental Risk Management Policy 

The global principles through which we govern financing for certain businesses and projects that represent a potential ESG risk. Sectors: energy, mining, infrastructures and agriculture.

Principles of Environmental and Energy Management 

CaixaBank's commitment to the environment and energy efficiency in terms of the direct impact associated with its internal management.

Action principles regarding the privacy and rights of CaixaBank customers 

At CaixaBank, we are guided by a total respect for the fundamental right to personal data protection, keeping the information provided to us confidential.

Principles of Procurement 

Framework of collaboration with our providers, which seeks to form stable commercial ties in coherence with our values.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

This contains the fundamental values and principles that CaixaBank suppliers must respect.

For more information on other policies and documents, see the following sections:

Corporate policies and other corporate documents

Corporate Internal Code of Conduct