Strategic lines

Strategic Plan 2019-2021: “People first”

At the CaixaBank Group, we have deployed our Strategic Plan 2019-2021 “People first” to continue to be the leading group in retail banking in Spain, and to continue growing in Portugal, in addition to being benchmarks in socially responsible banking, anticipating challenges in our environment and generating solutions for people.

Improve customer experience

  • Continue transforming the branch network.
  • Expand remote and digital service models.
  • Enrich the products and services ecosystem.
  • Review customer journeys (experience maps).

Accelerate digital transformation

  • Apply data analytics systematically.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Enhance the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of our information technology infrastructure.
  • Ensure the security of our customers’ data.

Promote a collaborative and agile culture

  • Attract and develop talent.
  • Foster meritocracy, diversity, and empowerment.
  • Promote a cross-cutting approach.
  • Provide the best value proposition for employees.

Generate attractive returns for shareholders

Apply mechanisms for revenue growth:

  • Long-term savings and protection.
  • Consumer loans and payments.
  • Company financing.
  • Business in Portugal (BPI).

Be a leader in responsible management

  • Promote responsible and sustainable financing.
  • Maintain commitment to a financial culture and inclusion.
  • Promote local social Initiatives throughout the region.
  • Reinforce a culture of transparency.