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2019-2021 Strategic Plan: “People at the core”

The CaixaBank Group is now in the process of rolling out its 2019-2021 Strategic Plan: “People at the core” in a bid to cement its position as Spain's leading bank while growing its business model in Portugal alongside BPI, where there is still much room for growth. To achieve this, it is essential to offer the best customer experience since the environment is characterized by fierce competition, low interest rates, growing levels of digital penetration and changing customer expectations.

The Plan is being deployed across five strategic lines:

1. Offer the best customer experience

The ambitious Plan will see us stepping up the digital transformation process to ensure improved customer orientation and to let us adapt us to their new behaviours. The aim is to offer the best experience across any channel, knowing that most consumers prefer omnichannel services. This will require us to continue to transform our distribution network and enhance our customer relationship model, among others initiatives, so as to provide higher added value for the customer. 

2. Accelerate digital transformation to boost efficiency and flexibility 

The current landscape and new technologies are offering us new opportunities to become a more efficient, flexible and agile bank. The main priorities along this line are to reduce time-to-market when launching new products; to become more efficient in back office processes; to unlock the potential of Big Data; and to continue to improve the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of our infrastructures. 

3. Foster a people-centric, agile and collaborative culture

The main goal of this strategic line is to strengthen our corporate culture and keep people at the core of the organisation. During the new plan we will continue to foster talent –ensuring that it can develop its potential through meritocracy, diversity and empowerment– while also defining and deploying the best value proposition for employees and championing the key virtues of agility and collaboration.

4. Attractive shareholder returns and solid financials

The strategic objective is to maintain high profitability (return on tangible equity above 12% by 2021) and a solid balance sheet, thus allowing us to pursue an attractive dividend policy for our shareholders (>50% cash payout over the entire period).

5. A benchmark in responsible banking and social commitment

CaixaBank wants be the benchmark within the sector for socially responsible banking. The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan will reinforce the responsible management of the business (focusing on transparency with customers), while ensuring best practices in relation to internal control and corporate governance and maintaining our commitment to society.