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Remuneration of Shareholders

2019 Remuneration

The Board of Directors has agreed to reduce the proposed dividend for the 2019 fiscal year to 0.07€ per share, which from 0.15€.

  • 0.07€ gross amount per share
  • Single cash payment
  • 15 April 2020

This dividend being the only dividend paid against 2019 fiscal year profits, which represents a 24.6% pay-out for 2019.

2020 Remuneration

The current dividend has changed to a cash pay-out not higher than 30% of reported consolidated earnings.

The Board of Directors declares its intention to distribute, in future, any excess above a CET1 ratio of 12% in the form of special dividends and/or buybacks. This extraordinary distribution of capital will be subject to a prior return to normality of macroeconomic conditions and will not take place, in any case, before 2021.

See Inside Information 26-03-2020

For more information on Shareholder Remuneration, see section on Dividends and dividend policy in Policies and other Corporate documents.