Remuneration of Shareholders

Financial year 2023: the distribution of a 0.3919€ gross cash dividend, payable during the month of April. The payment of this dividend will be equivalent to a pay-out of 60%.

Financial year 2024: the distribution between 50% and 60% of consolidated net profit, through two cash payments in line with the new dividend policy:

- Interim dividend: November 2024
- Final dividend: April 2025

Note: Pending approval by the Annual General Meeting

Share buyback: On 3 January 2024, the end of the share buyback programme was announced (starting on 18 September 2023) after reaching the maximum planned investment of 500 million euros with the acquisition of a total of 129,404,256 treasury shares, representing 1.72% of the share capital. For this purpose, a reduction of the share capital through the redemption of the treasury shares acquired under the said programme is to be submitted  for approval at the 2024 Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting.

CaixaBank's intention to implement a new share buyback during the first half of 2024, aimed at bringing year-end 2023 %CET1 closer to 12%.

See dividend policy in section Corporate policies and other corporate documents

For more information on Remuneration on Shareholders, refer to the Dividends section and the section Inside information and Other relevant information.