Customer-centred banking

We understand financial inclusion from the perspective of proximity and accessibility, and aspire to become a benchmark in banking for all our customers. Our goal is to create an omnichannel experience that deletes any physical or sensory barriers.

Being close to our customers is a priority, and this is why we believe that proximity and accessibility are two concepts that go hand in hand. We work to ensure that our channels are used by as many people as possible, removing barriers that may limit their use.

Design of our products and services



That the content can be perceived
by different senses


Motor, voice

Can be used with standard peripherals or specialised support products



The content is easy to understand and avoids or helps to solve errors



The content can be used with different devices

Accessibility of our services

We work to make our branches, ATMs and online services accessible so that interacting with us is as easy as possible. CaixaBankNow, the online banking channel accessible via web and mobile, brings all the bank's digital services together under a single concept. At the close of 2023, we reported 11.5 million digital customers.

CaixaBank has a presence in 2,233 towns and cities in Spain, with a total of 11,335 ATMs and 3,876 branches. We work to meet the challenges of the environment by removing physical and sensory barriers and adapting our developments to the senior segment.

Data at the close of 2023


% of Spanish towns of >5,000 inhabitants have a branch in their area


Spanish towns where we are the only bank


% accessible ATMs and with help videos available in sign-language


% of citizens have a branch in their municipality


people served by mobile branches in another 687 towns


% of CaixaBank branches are accessible

Development of accessible apps

Using the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines, we design our apps to include VoiceOver navigation (iOS) and TalkBack (Android) for the rendering of all information and screen actions in speech. We also have biometric identification access.

Dos teléfonos que muestran apps de CaixaBank hechas a partir de las pautas de accesibilidad WCAG 2.0

Digital channel accessibility is the only commercial banking portal with an AA accessibility level according to the W3C-WAI guidelines for 2.0 web content. This ensures accessibility in terms of elements such as colour contrast, text size, images and layout. ILUNION carries out half-yearly audits to detect any possible problems.

Hombre de espaldas consultando el portal comercial bancario de CaixaBank

Cards with Braille system

We launched Spain's first Visa card with Braille reading and writing code in order to make it easier for the visually impaired to make purchases in all kinds of stores without having to give their card details to anyone. The solution has been developed in partnership with ONCE and Visa. Furthermore, our cards have a notch to help position them correctly in POS terminals and ATMs.

We offer a more personal and accessible model through our Store branches , with extended opening hours until 6:30pm from Monday to Thursday and, thanks to the inTouch model , more than 3.3 million digital customers can undertake their transactions remotely and contact their personal manager.

Mobile branches, ofibuses

With the aim of enhancing its service in rural areas, CaixaBank has 19 mobile branches (ofibuses), which serve more than 324,000 people in 687 towns in thirteen provinces: Ávila, Burgos, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Granada, Guadalajara, La Rioja, León, Madrid, Palencia, Segovia, Toledo and Valencia.

Each mobile branch covers different daily routes and, depending on the demand, visits the locations where it provides service once or several times a month. In addition to preventing the financial exclusion of rural areas, this service preserves the direct relationship with the customers who reside in these locations, upholding the commitment to the Senior and agricultural and livestock sectors.


mobile branchers (includes 3 in reserve)




% of users over 65 years old