Healthy eating, meditation, getting fit... These are just some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. But, why don’t we add trying investment this year?

Ingrid Pino: Let's talk about investment

Ingrid Pino finds out why some details on the investment, apart from just returns.


Natalia de Santiago: ¿What should you bear in mind before investing?

¿How to know what your risk profile is? Natalia de Santiago shares some key points you need to know before starting to invest.

Learn finances with Positive Balance

If one of your intentions is to invest, keep in mind that the returns aren't the only thing that matters.

Save before you invest

First and foremost: save before you invest. You should only invest money you aren't going to need in the short/medium term.

Make a one-year budget

Make a budget with your expenses and income one year out to make sure you can cover your expenses.

Have a safety cushion

A safety cushion is money you can set aside and not use for daily needs. It's there for contingencies and, in this case, to avoid having to sell your investments if you have an unexpected expense.

Only take risks you can accept

No pain, no gain, but you need to consider how much risk you can accept and feel comfortable with. That is why you need to determine your risk profile as an investor.

What is your risk profile?

To figure it out, take a suitability test that assesses your financial status, knowledge and your investing time horizon. As well as your subjective risk profile: How much risk you can accept before the investment becomes stressful.


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