In the season of shopping, sales and the uphill struggle of January we're all concerned
about keeping up our financial health, but how can we go about it?

Amelicious: what is financial culture?​

Amelicious shares with Natalia de Santiago some queries about what financial culture is, why it's
important in our everyday life and how it can help us to balance our personal finances.


Natalia de Santiago: find out more about financial culture

Natalia de Santiago shares some key points on why financial culture is important in achieving
our goals and how it can help us to boost our financial well-being.

Learn finances with Positive Balance

Finances are an essential part of our everyday life. And having an adequate financial culture
 helps us to take decisions more securely and confidently.

Financial culture? What's that all about?

It might sound a little odd, but it involves things that are part of our everyday lives: shopping, expenses, income, budgeting and so on.

What use is it?

It enables us to make the right financial decisions, develop healthy financial habits and understand the opportunities and risks of the financial products we use, including accounts, cards and more.

How can it help me?

It helps you to manage your money well, achieve your goals and understand your rights and obligations. And it even enables you to plan your future in a sustainable, responsible way.

And in my everyday life...

Saving up for what you need or would like, budgeting to achieve your goals, putting your money to work by investing it or managing your family finances; all this is part of financial culture.


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