Corporate culture

CaixaBank's corporate culture places people - the professionals who work at the bank, clients, and society - at its centre, and fosters a collaborative, agile way of working.

The organisation builds this personality through the impressions made by all the people who work in it, through the way we are and the way we work. All this is influenced by the bank's history, values, policies, and organisational practices.

We are a bank with a corporate culture founded on three pillars:

  • People come first
  • Collaboration is our strength
  • Agility is our attitude

People come first

CaixaBank is much more than a leading bank; it's an organisation made up of people who work every day for people, whether our colleagues, our clients, our shareholders or society in general.

We are committed

Because we back actions with a positive impact for people and society.

  • We appreciate and recognise people and their diversity (origin, culture, ways of thinking).
  • We get involved in corporate volunteer activities.
  • We set an example of the organisation's values at all times.
  • We take into account the general interest, striving for transversal results.
  • We share information to generate synergies and better solutions.
  • We take actions to strengthen our clients' commitment to our organisation.
  • We show the client our commitment and involvement in achieving their goals.
  • We always give the best of ourselves and we take an interest in the organisation's financial results and news.
  • We are clear about CaixaBank's mission and purpose and about our contribution to the organisation, and we're proud of the job we do.
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We are close by

Because we listen to and support everybody, providing solutions to their needs, now and in the future.

  • We strive to get to know people through any channel.
  • We put ourselves in other people's shoes, and we use a simple language adapted to each person.
  • We listen to our clients and colleagues, and understand what they say.
  • We ask and consult to ensure maximum understanding.
  • We are proactive: we offer products and services that meet people's needs.
  • We display empathy, we try to find out about people's needs and understand them better to give a personalised service.
  • We look for the best way to relate to the client and give a personalised service wherever and whenever necessary.
  • We help clients by consolidating what we have learned about their way of working and relating to the bank.  
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We are responsible and demanding

Because we strive for excellence, rigour and autonomy in our actions to add value for others.

  • We plan our actions with realism and a sense of priorities.
  • We accept our responsibilities and outside requests.
  • We act and use all our possibilities for action before escalating a problem.
  • We appreciate the value added by others.
  • We are rigorous in giving our clients the best service, constantly assessing our quality and evolving to provide better solutions.
  • We work on our ability to adapt to change in a resilient way.
  • We explore the possibilities of every situation, we carry on without giving up, thinking of challenges, not obstacles.
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We are honest and transparent

Because we inspire confidence through integrity, honesty and coherence.

  • We are true to our word, we do what we say and we stick to what we agree with our clients and colleagues.
  • We explain the reasons and the context, the whys and wherefores.
  • We give information and advise clients with clarity and integrity. We avoid raising false expectations.
  • We make no excuses and we recognise our mistakes.
  • We act on the basis of our values, standards and ethical criteria.
  • We ask our interlocutors for feedback.
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Collaboration is our strength

Diversity is a defining trait of the people who make up CaixaBank. It is our great strength. We are a transversal, close, working network that generates confidence, with a single way forward and a shared commitment.

We are collaborative 

Because we think, we share and we work transversally, as a single team.

  • We stay in touch with people on other sites, with whom we pool information, goals and interests.
  • We understand the organisation's strategy, principles and milestones.
  • We play an active part in transversal cooperation activities.
  • We are familiar with the internal service and support function.
  • We keep up a dynamic attitude and try to share it with our colleagues, helping them whenever possible.
  • We get involved in the initiatives taken by the organisation.
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Agility is our attitude

We cannot be competitive nowadays without an agile, innovative attitude. We need to stay ahead of the constant changes in our business environment to gain in flexibility and speed, which is why we strive to think outside the box to add dynamism to our everyday work.

We are agile and innovative

Because we foster early change, speed and flexibility.

  • We seek to offer effective, agile solutions to our clients and colleagues.
  • We are driven by the challenge of doing things better - the conventional is not enough for us and we dare to propose alternative actions and solutions.
  • We are curious, we keep up to date and work with the latest digital and self-management tools.
  • We identify the most suitable interlocutors and channels to respond to a request or demand.
  • We train and practise our digital skills and learn constantly about using them.
  • We are proactive and agile in implementing and adapting to changes.
  • We keep an eye on the market and on trends in general and in our sector.
  • We are flexible to provide a rapid response.
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Active listening

For us it is essential to create a pleasant working environment, where people and teams feel happy and motivated. To do this, we promote active listening and include their opinions and suggestions in our action plans to adapt to their needs.

We regularly assess the workforce/employee climate, people experience and the quality of our services in order to achieve the best possible working environment.