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José Ignacio Goirigolzarri joins the board of trustees of Mobile World Capital Barcelona as a representative of CaixaBank

Carlos Grau, CEO of Mobile World Capital, and José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Chairman of CaixaBank.

• The Chairman of CaixaBank met Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital, to define areas of collaboration for the coming months.

• The financial institution has been on MWCapital's board of trustees since 2019 as a sign of its commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

The Chairman of CaixaBank, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, has joined the board of trustees of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, its highest governing body, as a representative of the financial institution. Upon inception, Goirigolzarri held a meeting with Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital, to continue to strengthen bonds and establish areas of collaboration between the two entities for the coming months. The meeting was held at the MWCapital facility, located at Tech Barcelona's Pier 01.

The agreement between CaixaBank and MWCapital, which was signed in July 2019 and will remain in force until 2024, is yet another example of the financial institution's commitment to digital innovation and transformation. Along these lines, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Chairman of CaixaBank, highlighted that “in an environment of social and economic growth of digitalisation, Mobile World Capital Barcelona is a key meeting point for leading technological progress.” Goirigolzarri has also stated that “CaixaBank will continue to strengthen its joint work with MWCapital in order to develop innovative initiatives capable of taking on the major challenges of digital transformation.”

Carlos Grau, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, explained that “incorporating CaixaBank into  the MWCapital board of trustees has allowed us to extend the foundation’s legacy.” Grau specified that from their first meeting, “we will attach particular importance to the development of digital talent and to accompanying citizens, so that together we can meet the challenges arising from digital gaps.”

The partnership between CaixaBank and MWCapital is undertaken primarily through collaboration on projects of interest to both entities within the framework of four specific fields: innovation, technology, talent and society. In this context, CaixaBank plays an active and influential role as a benchmark entity in these fields.

CaixaBank, leader in innovation

Technology and digitalisation are key to the business model of the company, which has the largest digital customer base in Spain (10.4 million). In addition, CaixaBank has developed landmark technology projects in the sector, such as the creation of the first ATMs that allow users to withdraw cash through facial recognition and without having to enter their PIN – a project chosen in 2019 as one of the Technological Projects of the Year in the Tech Project Awards by The Banker magazine. 

Thanks to its digital transformation strategy, CaixaBank has become one of the world's highest rated banks for the quality of its digital products and services, with recognitions that include being named “World's Best Consumer Bank 2020” and “Best Bank in Spain 2020” by the US magazine Global Finance. In addition, this year it has been awarded as “Outstanding Financial Innovator (Bank) in Western Europe 2021”, by Global Finance, and "Best Private Bank for Big Data Analytics and Al in Europe", by PWM (Financial Group Times). These awards are in addition to those obtained in the digital banking sector, such as “Best digital bank in consumer banking in Spain 2020”. 

About Mobile World Capital Barcelona 

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative that fosters the digital development of society and helps to improve people's lives globally. With public and private support, MWCapital focuses on four fields: accelerating innovation through digital entrepreneurship; transforming industry through digital technology; growing digital talent among new generations and professionals; and reflection on technology's impact on our society. Together, our programmes are positively transforming the economy, education and society. MWCapital hosts MWC Barcelona and founded 4 Years From Now [4YFN], the business platform for the start-up community present at all MWC events worldwide.