Press release

CaixaBank will contribute funds to facilitating the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Spain

As part of the bank's wide ranging measures to assist the victims of the conflict

Free donation platform that CaixaBank has launched in favor of humanitarian organizations

• The financial institution has launched a donation-based crowdfunding campaign aimed at CaixaBank Group employees and has committed to match the donated amount.

• The funds will be managed by CaixaBank's Association of Volunteers and will be used to help those affected by the conflict seeking refuge in Spain.

• The initiative will be carried out on the same platform put in place to facilitate donations to humanitarian organisations working on the ground, through which €2.2 million has been transferred since the outbreak of the crisis.

• CaixaBank's ATMs have been made available, free of charge, to customers of Ukrainian banks.

CaixaBank has announced an initiative to collect funds to help the Ukrainian war victims seeking refuge in Spain. All CaixaBank Group employees have been invited to make a financial donation, with the bank matching the final amount collected at the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

The donations will help fund the transfer of refugees to Spain, including the trip and covering their basic needs (food, child and maternal hygiene kits, etc.). These funds will be managed by CaixaBank’s Association of Volunteers.

Free transfer of donations to the humanitarian organisations working on the ground

This initiative will be carried out on the platform that has been put in place to facilitate donations to humanitarian organisations working on the ground in Ukraine, which CaixaBank launched in the beginning of March, the early days of the humanitarian crisis. This platform is part of the comprehensive package of measures announced by the bank to assist those affected by the Russian invasion, and it facilitates transfers of the contributions made by anyone wishing to participate, customers or non-customers alike, through any of the bank's channels, including -online banking, ATMs and branches- free of charge.

So far, CaixaBank's platform has facilitate transfers of over €2.2 million euros. The contributions will go to NGOs participating in the initiative: Unicef, Acnur, Red Cross, Ayuda en Acción, Intermon, Save the Children, Acción Contra el Hambre, Cáritas España and Cáritas Barcelona. Any person or corporate entity making a contribution can choose the organisation to donate to, and the donation will be fully traceable.

Mobilisation of the network of volunteers

CaixaBank is also mobilising its broad network of volunteers spread across Spain, who will assist various NGOs in working with the Ukrainian people. The bank's initial focus was on initiatives pertaining to collecting medication, non-perishable food and essential goods that could be used to assist refugees arriving in Spain or could be sent to Ukraine, as required.

Furthermore, CaixaBank's network of ATMs in Spain has been made available, free of charge, to customers of Ukrainian banks. With 13,000 terminals, it is the broadest network of ATMs in the country.

This is in addition to the fee-free money transfers to Ukraine, made available at the beginning of the month, as well as other initiatives and services included in CaixaBank's programme aimed at assisting the war refugees.

About CaixaBank's Social Action

CaixaBank is an organisation with a far-reaching social vocation. The bank is a benchmark in socially responsible banking and has a steadfast commitment to serving not only its customers but also the wider society.

In its response to the challenges faced by society, among other measures, the bank drives social action initiatives and promotes voluntary work, whilst also offering services and solutions to different societal groups through its financial activity.

The strategy for Social Action is aimed at promoting CaixaBank's own social projects, joint projects with the "la Caixa" Foundation, as well as other partnerships directly promoted by the bank. Thanks to its territorial capillarity and proximity to the population, the CaixaBank branch network, which is the largest in Spain with presence in 2,200 municipalities, can detect local needs by implementing various programmes, as well as support the "la Caixa" Foundation in transferring financial aid to social organisations.

CaixaBank’s ESG activities have been recognised by leading international bodies. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranks it among the best banks in the world in terms of corporate responsibility. Similarly, the international organisation CDP has named CaixaBank as the leading bank in the fight against climate change. In addition, United Nations has allocated its subsidiaries, VidaCaixa and CaixaBank Asset Management the highest rating (A+) in sustainable investment.