Press release

CaixaBank warns companies on the different types of fraud aimed at businesses

Luis Cabanas, during his presentation

• Upwards of 400 employers attend an online conference held by the bank for its corporate customers.

• Companies are one of cybercriminals' main targets, due to the high amount of transactions they make over the internet.

More than 400 employers have attended the conference “Fraud towards banking customers in the context of companies”, held by CaixaBank for its corporate customers. CaixaBank's goal is to explain to companies the main types of fraud carried out and to give them advice on best practices to avoid risks when making transactions.

CaixaBank's executive director of Corporate Banking, Luis Cabanas, tasked with launching the event, explained that “in these new times, where fraud towards banking customers has increased exponentially, it is essential that companies take maximum precautions to combat this threat and protect themselves. To this effect, our highly qualified security experts at CaixaBank will help them to detect and proceed in the event of signs of fraudulent practices”.

Jordi Sánchez and Javier Jiménez, from CaixaBank's security department, were in charge of giving the conference which, as a result of the current context, was held exclusively online. Both experts explained traditional fraud techniques, such as those involving foreign cheques, and also telephone and internet fraud.

During his explanation, Jordi Sánchez highlighted that “one of the core elements to fraud is hurrying someone” and advised that “it is better to wait and ask before making a transaction, especially as regards to an unusual one”. For Sánchez, “ultimately, it is about using common sense. Social engineering is based on deceiving victims through different pretexts, whether through cybernetics, telephonically, by post or other methods”.

Furthermore, Javier Jiménez explained that “neither banking nor confidential information should be provided by email or by phone. If you receive a communication of this kind, always be wary”. Jiménez underlined that “it is crucial to carefully read all the messages and communications that appear on the computer or phone screen when signing a bank transaction”.

CaixaBank, by the side of companies

This online conference is one of the various initiatives held by CaixaBank for its corporate customers. CaixaBank has consolidated itself as a benchmark for companies with a specialist model that has a network of 126 CaixaBank Empresas centres across Spain's autonomous communities, which employ 1,200 highly specialised and continually trained professionals with a sound reputation in providing advisory to companies.

CaixaBank provides its corporate customers support in 127 countries through operational branches, representation offices, correspondent branches and bank holdings, in addition to our professionals highly specialised in financing and services, foreign trade and treasury management, structured financing, tourism and the real-estate business, working in branches in Spain, offering the best advice for companies' operations abroad. The company offers services both to SMEs and micro-enterprises that are starting exporting activities, as well as to large corporations and business groups tackling more complex international projects.

The financial institution also has CaixaBank DayOne, the service created to support, develop and accompany start-ups, and young, rapidly-developing companies acting globally that conduct innovation activities.