Corporate responsibility

Socially Responsible Banking Model



More information about the report contents

The selection of the contents of the Integrated Corporate Report is the result of a careful process of identifying priority issues for CaixaBank’s strategy and stakeholders. The report aims to provide a detailed response to relevant economic, social, environmental and corporate governance issues that are of interest to social groups and the persons to which CaixaBank relates.

This selection process is based on the dialogue with stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and society in general), following the methodology based on the AA 1000Assurance Standard Accountability.

More information on the AA1000

The AA1000 is a standard created in 1999 by the Institute of Social Ethical Accountability. It aims to ensure the quality and transparency of reporting, evaluations and disclosure made by companies and organizations on social and ethical aspects of management.

More information on Accountability

The standard includes a set of guidelines on how to make the transparent accountability. Among them, which indicates the process to be followed by the company to identify the indicators of performance that are key to its stakeholders.

CaixaBank, following the AA1000, conducts surveys among its stakeholders, both via telephone and email, for comment on the report and the issues to be included in the next report.