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Corporate responsibility

Environmental sustainability

Environmental management

Environmental management

CaixaBank is committed to respecting our natural surroundings, a commitment that stretches beyond its legal obligations and is concretized by a system of environmental management integrated into its business operations, which covers all its projects, services and products, as well as the "la Caixa" Foundation programs.

This commitment extends to employees, subsidiaries and the companies it works with. Thus, it encourages the involvement of its customers and of society as a whole in this universal challenge.

Management System

An Environment Committee, set up in 2001, is responsible for the bank’s environmental management. Its functions are to establish, approve and maintain up to date a program ensuring that consumption and procedures involving the financial business of CaixaBank are respectful to the environment. At the same time, it encourages everyone who forms a part of CaixaBank to take part.

Acces to CaixaBank’s Environmental and Energy Management Principles 

Access to the Environmental Statement of CaixaBank




Access to the 2016-2018 CaixaBank's Environmental Plan 

This environmental management system follows the European regulations EMAS 1221/2009 and the ISO14.001.

EMAS 1221/2009  (in Spanish)
ISO 14001 (in Spanish)
ISO 50001 (in Spanish)


Although its activity does not pose any major risk to the environment, it feels that ratifying its commitment to the environment is essential for a bank as big as and with the social involvement of CaixaBank.

Its ecological ‘footprint’ is mainly based on:

  • Paper and electricity consumption
  • Waste generation
  • Emissions associated with business trips

In order to reduce this impact and as part of the continuous improvement process, new initiatives are rolled out each year that are included – and evaluated- in the Environmental Statement.

  • Reduction of paper use by encouraging users to view documents in electronic format
  • Use of recycled paper only and double-sided printing
  • Separating waste for collection
  • Eco-efficient design of new buildings
  • Encouraging use of videoconferences

Carbon footprint

In order to identify and mitigate the bank’s impact on the environment, over the last few years CaixaBank has calculated the carbon footprint of its activities and published a report on greenhouse gas emissions.

Access to CaixaBank’s Carbon Footprint(real data)

Due to acquisitions, and in order to describe emissions evolution at the corporate level, comparative carbon footprint calculations have been undertaken based on baseline year recalculations. As a result, a declining trend according to business volume is presented:


  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Emissions per business volume (tCO2eq) 0.128 0.080 0.082 0.072 0.058