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Environmental and energy management

Environmental and energy management

CaixaBank is firmly committed to protecting the natural environment; a calling that goes beyond its legal obligations and is embodied in a specific environmental and energy management system. This system is an integral part of its business activity, extending across all its projects, services and products and allowing it to control, manage and reduce the environmental impacts generated by its business activities.

This commitment also extends to employees, subsidiaries and collaborating companies and CaixaBank also seeks to get its customers and society at large involved in these pursuits.

Management systems

The Environment and Energy Committees are responsible for enforcing the Bank's environmental and energy policies. Their functions are to establish, approve and regularly update a programme to ensure that all consumption and processes connected with CaixaBank's financial activity remain environmentally friendly, while at the same time promoting and getting everyone at CaixaBank involved in the process.

Meanwhile, the Environment Committee proposes, approves and modifies Environmental and Energy Management Principles and lays them before the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee. It also defines environmental management projects in furtherance of the Bank's Environmental Strategy. Down the line, the Management Committee is the body ultimately responsible for approving these principles and projects.

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This environmental and energy management system is certified following the rules and criteria set out in the EMAS Regulation, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.



CaixaBank works hard to minimise its impact on the environment as a show of its commitment to society. To achieve this, the Bank's 2019-2021 Environmental Management Plan has been fully aligned with its Environmental Strategy.

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Environmental management plan 2019-2021

As part of this plan and the process of continuous improvement, the Bank launches initiatives each year to cushion its environmental impact. These initiatives are enshrined in its Environmental Statement, which also explains the degree of attainment or compliance under each initiative:

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Environmental efficiency measures

Actions to minimise the impact of Caixabank's activity

Carbon Neutral Plan

Supporting and driving initiatives to prevent, mitigate and adapt and respond to climate change is one of the strategic pillars of CaixaBank's Principles of Environmental and Energy Management.

The Bank has a Carbon Neutral plan in place, which provides:

Fight Against Climate Change


The following table shows changes in emissions generated from business activities over the last few years:

  2015 2016 2017 2018
Emissions from business activity (tCO2eq) 0.083 0.072 0.057 0.045

In 2018, 100% of calculated emissions were offset, thus meeting the objective of being Carbon Neutral.

Trend in emissions generated and offset