Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

FAQs 2016

01. On what date and at what time is the Annual General Meeting scheduled? 

The Annual General Meeting will be held on April 28, 2016 at 11:30 pm at first call, or the following day, April 29, at the same time at second call.

The company expects to hold the meeting at first call on April 28, 2016.


02. Where will the Annual General Meeting be held? 

The Annual General Meeting will be held at Fira Barcelona - Recinto de Gran Vía, exhibition hall 8
Centro de Convenciones Gran Vía, C/del Foc 35 (corner or c/de l’Al·lumini), Barcelona


03. How do I get to Fira Barcelona - Recinto de Gran Vía?

City metro: L-9 South (stations: Fira and Europa/Fira)
FGC trains: S8, S33, R6, R5, S4 (station: Europa/Fira)
City bus lines: 79 and 125
Further information: 


04. What time can shareholders arrive at the site of the General Meeting? 

Shareholders may enter the site of the General Meeting 2 hours before it is scheduled to begin, that is, from 09:30 am.


05. What are the requirements for attending the General Meeting? Must I own a minimum number of shares in order to attend? What can I do if I do not own enough shares to be eligible to attend? 

Shareholders must own at least 1,000 shares to be able to attend the General Meeting in person. These shares must be registered in the pertinent book-entry ledger at least five days before the date of the General Meeting, that is, at 11:59 pm on April 23, 2016.

Shareholders who own fewer than the minimum number of shares may pool their shares together with other shareholders to reach the 1,000-share threshold, with one person authorized in writing as their representative.


06. What documents are needed to attend the Annual General Meeting? 

The document allowing shareholders to attend the General Meeting and exercise their voting rights is the attendance card issued by CaixaBank or the financial institution where their shares are deposited. This document specifies the name of the shareholder and the number of CaixaBank shares owned.

In addition, shareholders may be asked to show personal identification, known in Spain as the D.N.I (or any other generally-accepted official ID), to confirm their identity.


07. If the shareholder is a legal entity (company), what documents are required to be able to attend at the General Meeting?

If the shareholder is a legal entity, its representative must submit a document evidencing representation (e.g. power of attorney).


08. How to get an attendance card? 

CaixaBank has sent to its shareholders the attendance card, the delegation card and the voting card. You can find a sample of the attendance card in our coporate web site.


09. What to do if you do not receive an attendance card? 

If you do not receive an attendance card, please contact any CaixaBank branch to request a duplicate. You can also use the attendance card that you will find in our web site.


10. If the attendance card lists several shareholders, how many can attend the General Meeting?

If several shareholders are listed on the attendance card, only one will have the right to attend the General Meeting and to vote as long as they own more than 1,000 shares). The co-shareholder attending the meeting must submit an attendance card and ID at the entrance to the General Meeting.


11. Can someone else represent me at the General Meeting? Does that person have to be a shareholder? 

Shareholders may delegate another person, not necessarily another shareholder, to represent them. In order to attend the General Meeting in person, the representative must hold shares and/or represent one or several shareholders holding, jointly, one thousand (1,000) shares.

Shareholders may delegate another person using the procedure described in the delegation card sent by CaixaBank. It is necessary to sign an authorization printed on the attendance card, indicating the name of their representative and, if desired, giving instructions on how to vote during the meeting. The representative must bring the signed attendance card and his/her personal identification to the meeting. If by any chance you don´t receive the delegation card sent by CaixaBank, you can find it in our corporate web site.


12. How long must shareholders holds shares in the company before they become eligible to attend/vote at the General Meeting? 

To be eligible to attend or be represented at the General Meeting and exercise your voting rights or vote remotely, you must have CaixaBank shares registered in your name in the pertinent book-entry ledger at least five days in before the date of the meeting, that is, at 11:59 pm on April 23, 2016.


13. How many votes does a shareholder attending the General Meeting have? 

Each share confers one voting right.


14. Electronic shareholders’ forum. What is it, and where can I find it? 

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 539.2 of the Consolidated Text of the Corporate Enterprise Act and theArticle7 bis of the Regulations of the General Meeting, CaixaBank has set up an electronic shareholders’ forum for the 2015 Annual General Meeting in order to facilitate communication between company shareholders (individuals, both natural persons and legal entities, as well as any voluntary associations that may be formed).

The Rules of the CaixaBank Electronic Shareholders’ Forum may be found on the CaixaBank corporate website.