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Management Committee

Jordi Mondéjar

Chief Risks Officer

Jordi Mondéjar (Darmstadt, 1968) has been a member of CaixaBank’s Management Committee since July 2014.

He holds a degree in Economics and Business Management (1986-1991) from the University of Barcelona, specialising in Business Economics.

He is an accounts auditor listed on the Official Register of Auditors of the Spanish Accounting and Audit Institute.

He worked at Arthur Andersen and at Cia S. Com. from 1991 through to 2000, where he specialised in financial audits at financial institutions and other regulated entities.

He joined ”la Caixa” in 2000 and has served as Head of Financial Accounting, Control and Capital.

He became the Chief Risks Officer on 22 November 2016 and thus holds overall responsibility for coordinating the management, follow-up and control of the Group's risks. The General Risks Division includes areas for comprehensively managing credit portfolios (retailer and rest), Non-Performing Loans and Restructurings, Foreclosed assets portfolio, Environmental risk management and Global Risk Management and Planning.

Member of Sareb’s Management Board and non-executive President of Building Center.

Last updated: February 2020