Quality, trust and social commitment are the essence of CaixaBank. As a result, our teams and activities are faithful to these foundational values.

Responsible policies

In order to operate with excellence and contribute with real value to people, our different policies include the values and principles we apply to our internal and external professional relationships in all scopes of our activity.

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Tax management

One of CaixaBank's pillars is trust, which is why we advocate for transparency and abide by integrity, honesty, and coherence.

We manage our tax obligations with these values in mind, aware of our contribution to the sustainable development and socioeconomic progress of our society.

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Personal data protection

For us, it is a priority to respect the fundamental right to personal data protection, as well as keeping the information of our customers, providers and collaborators confidential.

People first. Furthermore, their security.

Confidentiality of information 

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Prevention of money laundering

Our teams receive training and constant updating actively fight and take discrete steps to prevent money laundering.

Responsible marketing committees

We are responsible and strict in the appropriate marketing of our products.

Our Transparency Committee makes decisions to guarantee transparency in the design and marketing of financial instruments, banking products, and savings and investment insurance products.

Our Product Committee checks the quality and efficiency of the new products and services, analysing their characteristics and associated risks, as well as their compliance with customer protection and transparency rules. It reports to the Transparency Committee.

We are also voluntarily adhered to Autocontrol, the Self-regulatory marketing association that advocates good advertising practices.

Regulation MiFID 

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Sustainability related information 

At CaixaBank we are committed to generating trust in society.

We work to offer the best service to our customers, and this is also reflected in the products we offer. We believe in the importance of sustainability as a tool to contribute to greater economic, social and environmentally sustainable progress in an increasingly complex environment.

Within CaixaBank Group, over the last few years, environmental, social and governance criteria we have been considering in the investment analysis process, in addition to the traditional financial and risk criteria. 

The new regulatory framework on sustainability reporting, based on Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability disclosures in the financial services sector, among other rules, leads us to improve communication on the application of sustainability criteria in investment decision-making. 

We therefore carry out numerous actions to integrate these sustainability factors into the management of our products, complying with the corporate framework for the Integration of Sustainability Risks defined for the CaixaBank Group, as well as with numerous international agreements and standards in this area that make us a benchmark institution in sustainable investment. 

These are our principles and policies in this regard, where you can find additional information on how CaixaBank takes sustainability factors into account in the provision of its investment and discretionary portfolio management services and in the products it offers: 

Corporate framework for the Integration of ESG risks 

Principal Adverse Impacts on sustainability factors 

Integration of sustainability risks on the Remuneration Policy 

Engagement Policy