Corporate responsibility


Communication and stakeholder engagement

CaixaBank interacts with the people and groups in the regions where it carries out its activities, adhering to the criteria of proximity, transparency and active listening. The bank strives to generate trust and favours long-term relationships.


In CaixaBank, communication is conceived from a responsible point of view, from accountability with its stakeholders and always ensuring full rigorousness and transparency.


From CaixaBank, in a year of constant dialogue, stakeholder expectations are actively collected: customers and company, analysts and investors and employees. The company promotes and participates in different national and international initiatives linked to boost corporate accountability. Via its participation it promotes research, the exchange of best practices in the matter, the adoption of commitments by other agents and the constant progress made in the
entity's responsible management.

The bank has developed specific platforms and channels for different stakeholders that manage various areas and departments with the most
appropriate frequency as necessary.

Main communication and dialogue channels

Main communication and dialogue channels

  • Customers 


  • Shareholders and institutional investors 


  • Employees 
  • Mixed committee with employee representatives
  • Dialogue with the union reps
  • Confidential consulting and whistle-blowing channel
  • Biannual opinion study and follow-up survey
  • Participatory space Assesses to improve efficiency
  • Innova online platform
  • Red Conecta knowledge exchange
  • Cognitive call centre
  • Canal Caixa internal magazine
  • “Personas” area in the intranet
  • Strategic Information Managerial service channel
  • Virtaula e-learning platform
  • Internal Trainer Community
  • In-person training (for example, CaixaBank Experience, new employee integration programme)
  • Training centre - collective Intelligence


  • Community