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Business model

CaixaBank has a universal banking model. We have adopted the “financial supermarket”, which offers a wide range of products and services adapted to the customers' needs through a business platform that combines physical branches and the digital world. A business model that covers all financial and insurance needs. With a view to fulfilling its goal to offer customers the best value proposal while also prioritising efficiency, CaixaBank prioritises strategic agreements with other leading companies from different sectors, sharing knowledge and creating synergies.

Specialised Management

Source: Group Management Report of CaixaBank Group 2018


Banca Retail

This value proposal is based on an innovative and unique omnichannel service channel offering a range of solutions adapted to the profiles and needs of our customers; all this while constantly striving to improve the customer experience.

The business activity in the area of Personal Banking has been focused on capturing salary payments. This is a key principle for enhancing our relationship with individual customers, mainly in the areas of financing, security and protection.

The CaixaBank Negocios service is aimed at freelance, professional and business customers. It includes all the day-to-day solutions related to security, protection and financing that they need, while maintaining the focus on innovation and differentiation.

The business activity of CaixaBank Negocios is focused on customer financing and marketing general and life insurance policies, with specialised customer management.

Main initiatives implemented in 2018

  • Capturing salary payments: In 2018, a total of 773,140 new salary direct deposits were captured.
  • Consolidation of the Store model, with the opening of new branches all over Spain.

Business Banking

CaixaBank Empresas has consolidated its position as the favourite bank of Spanish companies. 48% of Spanish companies with turnover between 1 and 100 million euros are CaixaBank customers, according to market share surveys by FRS Inmark.

The CaixaBank Company Banking department implements a tried and tested business model and strives to continually improve its customer relations while also expanding its base of company customers. It adds a value proposal that offers innovative solutions and a specialised service providing expert advice via videoconference or by activating new communication channels between customers and financial managers, such as the Muro de Empresas and Go&Business.

Main initiatives implemented in 2018

  • Consolidation of the business operations of companies by sector with new brands:

    - Launch of CaixaBank Hotels&Tourism to offer products and services through a group of specialists in the tourism sector.

    - Consolidation of the Day One model.
  • Expansion of the current customer base, enhancing customer linkage, and promoting commercial systems with more visits and contacts through digitalisation.
  • Online specialists: pioneers in providing advice on financing and services, foreign trade, and liquid assets.

Premier Banking

The value proposal of Banking Premier is founded on the following three key pillars:

  • a specific financial advice model
  • professionals with certified training
  • exclusive solutions for customers

This value proposal has enabled CaixaBank to reaffirm its leadership in the field of financial advice.

Main initiatives implemented in 2018

  • PlanA in CaixaBankNow: Customers now manage their individual PlanA in Now and receive an investment proposal in line with their previously defined objectives within a maximum of 48 business hours.
  • PlanA Review: This service makes it possible to monitor the objectives agreed upon with the customer in their PlanA. It aims to monitor any possible deviations from the agreed objectives and to adapt the portfolio to the designed objective

Private Banking

Private Banking has specialised teams and more than 500 certified professionals with an average of over 15 years of experience working in the branch network and offering the best service.

Private Banking has an extensive network of exclusive centres to guarantee that customers always receive a personal service. Different service models are offered to customers, from traditional financial advice to independent advice and broker services. In addition, the Social Value Project provides solutions in the fields of Philanthropy and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

Main initiatives implemented in 2018

  • TimeMap in CaixaBankNow: Customers can create their TimeMap in Now and will receive an investment proposal in line with their previously defined objectives within a maximum of 48 business hours.
  • BrokerNow: Implementation of a new service for active investors in the stock market, with the aim of expanding the range of stock market services.
  • TimeReview: This service makes it possible to monitor the objectives agreed with the customer in their TimeMap. It aims to monitor any possible deviations from the agreed objectives and to adapt the portfolio to the designed objective.

Corporate & Institutional Banking

The Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) service integrates two business areas, Corporate Banking and Institutional Banking, as well as several product areas that provide services to customers, such as Capital Markets, Cash Management, Project Finance, Asset Finance, and M&A.

Corporate Banking's value proposition offers a tailor-made service to corporate clients, seeking to become their main bank. This involves crafting personalised value propositions and working with clients in export markets.

Institutional Banking serves public and private-sector institutions, through specialist management of financial services and solutions.

Main initiatives implemented in 2018

  • Progress in the international business having signed significant corporate financing operations in France, Italy and the UK.
  • Strong position in Asset Finance operations in transmission assets.
  • Placed in the Global Top 10 for the number of green loan operations.
  • Increased activity in the secondary market for bonds and loans.

International Banking

The leadership demonstrated by CaixaBank in the business banking sector has led the Company to become the benchmark international business partner to accompany and support corporate clients in their internationalisation process. For that purpose, the 28 points of international presence offer support to customers of the branch network, CIB, and Corporate Banking operating abroad, as well as local blue chips (companies with recognised creditworthiness).

CaixaBank's international positioning is founded on three pillars:

  • Spanish companies and corporations.
  • The network of correspondent banks offering foreign trade and payment products.
  • The relationship with the institutions in each country.

The international strategy has a clear European focus with global coverage, a flexible model with high added value for customers around the world, acting as an extension of the Spanish network, and based on two additional approaches to improve the customer service: (i) establishing commercial contacts and (ii) offering local financial products and services. In addition, CaixaBank collaborates with multilateral institutions all over the world and is one of the main trading partners for foreign businesses and SMEs.

CaixaBank has a number of strategic alliances, formalised through business and commercial cooperation agreements, including Erste, BEA and Inbursa.

Banco BPI

BPI is a financial institution focused on commercial and retail banking operations in Portugal, where it is the fifth largest bank in terms of assets (EUR 31,078 million). BPI has a customer base of 1.9 million people and significant market shares in the various products and services that it offers.

BPI's business is organised around two main sectors: Retail and Merchant Banking and Corporate Banking. BPI offers a complete range of financial products and services, adapted to the specific needs of every sector, through a specialised, multi-channel and fully integrated distribution network.

BPI's product range is complemented with investment and savings solutions from CaixaBank's Asset and Insurance Management department. In addition, it includes its range of non-life and life risk insurance policies through a distribution agreement with Allianz Portugal, of which BPI holds 35% ownership.

Source: Group Management Report of CaixaBank Group 2018