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Natalia Aznárez Gómez

Representative Fundación CajaCanarias

Natalia Aznárez Gómez (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1964) became the representative of the CajaCanarias Foundation on the Board of Directors of CaixaBank in February 2017.

Degree in Business and Commercial Management from Universidad de Málaga and diploma in Business (speciality: Accounting and Finance) from Universidad de La Laguna. Former professor of Accounting and Finance at Universidad de La Laguna.

Ms. Aznárez Gómez began her professional career collaborating with General Management of REA METAL WINDOWS, to launch distribution of their products in Spain. In 1990, she joined the CajaCanarias marketing department. In 1993, Ms. Aznárez Gómez assumed leadership of the CajaCanarias individual customers segment, participating in the development of financial products and campaigns, the development and implementation of a CRM tool, and the personal banking and private banking service. She later became the head of the marketing department.

In 2008, Ms. Aznárez Gómez was named deputy director of CajaCanarias, heading up management of human resources at the bank. In 2010, she became assistant general manager of CajaCanarias. After Banca Cívica assumed all assets and liabilities of CajaCanarias, Ms. Aznárez Gómez took the helm of CajaCanarias General Management as the financial institution indirectly carrying out the financial activity. Following the entity's transformation into a banking foundation, she served as general manager until 30 June 2016.

Ms. Aznárez Gómez has actively served on several committees in the savings bank sector, including the executive committee of the Savings Bank Association for Labour Relations (Asociación de Cajas de Ahorros Para Relaciones Laborales, ACARL), the Euro6000 Marketing Committee, and the marketing committee and the human resources committee of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros, CECA). She has also held several positions at foundations.

Ms. Aznárez Gómez is currently the chair of the CajaCanarias employee pension plan control committee, the vice-chair of the Cristino de Vera Foundation, secretary of the CajaCanarias Business Learning and Development Foundation, and director of the CajaCanarias Foundation.

Last updated: December 2019.