Social value in Private banking

CaixaBank customers have concerns and interests that go beyond what is strictly financial. That is why we are pioneers in having a specialised department that offers its Private banking customers a comprehensive solution that responds to their philanthropic, sustainable and impact investing needs.

To this end, we address five areas:

1. Sustainable and impact investing

Through CaixaBank Private Banking, we offer comprehensive solutions for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and impact investment aligned with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI). 

CaixaBank Asset Management and VidaCaixa, our managers of investment, savings insurance, and pension plans funds, have obtained an A+ rating, the maximum rating awarded by the UNPRI.

2. Charitable causes

We offer people permanent charity projects:

  • Child vaccination in developing countries.
  • Research in personalised therapies against cancer.
  • Campaigns to fight against child poverty.

3. Awareness-raising and training

We undertake awareness-raising and training events run by specialists in different fields with goals that are threefold:

  • Sharing the knowledge of experts in each one of their work areas.
  • Creating a community where it is possible to gain further knowledge in these areas.
  • Connecting participants in investment vehicles with their beneficiaries.

We publish annual reports with balance sheets of our activity carried out in the Social Value Project.

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4. Studies and recognition

We have presented a pioneering report in Spain on the profile of Spanish philanthropists prepared jointly by CaixaBank private banking and the IE University, aimed at connecting major donors closer with society and highlighting their contribution.

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We hold charity awards to recognise the personal effort of our customers, which are awarded annually and feature two categories:

  • Best philanthropic project.
  • Best philanthropic career.

5. Personalised advice in Philanthropy and CSR5

We help to elaborate the best philanthropic strategy of our customers, tailored to their interests, objectives and resources, in order to create a greater impact in every phase of its commitment.

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Thanks to all these solutions, we have received the recognition of Euromoney as the Best responsible bank in Western Europe in 2016 and 2019; and the Best private bank in Spain for Philanthropic advice between 2015 and 2020.