Environmental strategy

At CaixaBank, we consider it essential to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy that promotes sustainable development and is socially inclusive. In this regard, we have an Environmental Strategy and we work systematically in order to contribute to this transition through financing and investing in sustainable projects, managing climatic risk and reducing the direct impact of our operations.

Areas of action

Enviromental Strategy:
Lines of action
Driving the sustainable business
Generating green production (climate-friendly)
Integrating ESG risks into risk management
Managing ESG and climate risks
Minimising the impact on the environment
Reducing the carbon footprint through environmental efficiency and carbon offsetting initiatives
Public commitment
Statement on climate change
Reporting to the markets


The Board of Directors of CaixaBank is responsible for complying with the sustainability principles of the CaixaBank Group, and for approving, monitoring and regularly assessing the definition, development and implementation of the sustainability strategy.

Within the Board, there are various committees that also assume roles and responsibilities in the field of sustainability:

  • The Appointments and Sustainability Committee oversees action in the area of sustainability. It reviews and proposes to the Board the adoption of policies, declarations and standards that develop the sustainability strategy (including the environmental strategy). 
  • The Risk Committee proposes to the Board the Group's risk policy, including sustainability risk. 
  • The Audit and Control Committee monitors and assesses the process of developing and presenting non-financial information and the effectiveness of internal control systems and risk management systems, including social and environmental systems, together with the Risk Committee. 

The Management Committee, which is responsible for developing the Strategic Plan, adopts sustainability agreements directly or through its delegated committees:

  • The Sustainability Committee is responsible for fostering and approving sustainability initiatives, in addition coordinating and/or managing them.
  • The Global Risk Committee manages, controls and monitors, inter alia, sustainability risks globally. 

The Sustainability Directorate, a member of the Management Committee, coordinates the definition, updating and monitoring of the Group's sustainability strategy (including the environmental strategy).

Access to the Regulation of the Board of Directors 

Access to Committees of Directors 

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that the planet faces, with ramifications for the environment, society and the economy. It is a source of physical hazards and a driving force behind a transition taking place in society, as well as offering opportunities for countries, businesses and people. In this context, we consider it essential to accelerate the transition to a neutral-carbon economy that promotes sustainable development and is socially inclusive.

Financial institutions have a key role to play in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals, both directly through our own operations and indirectly through our relationships with customers, subsidiaries and investee companies, commercial partners and the value chain.

Our objective is to contribute to the transition to a neutral-carbon and socially-just economy, as well as to promote sustainable development and economic growth.

View CaixaBank's statement on climate change