Equality Plan and other policies

Equality Plan

In January 2020, we signed our Equality Plan to continue promoting equal opportunities and diversity in our work teams, as well as to strengthen the presence of women in management positions and reinforce work-life balance measures. This agreement expanded our previous Equality Plan, signed in 2011, and positioned us among the most outstanding organizations in Europe for our commitment to diversity and transparency.

In February 2023, we signed the adaptation of the Equality Plan to the current regulations in this area, in accordance with the principle of equality and in order to promote pay transparency.

The general principles of the Plan include the dissemination among the workforce of the value of diversity and of equality, conciliation and co-responsibility policies, as well as the efficient management of time and meetings and the use of a non-sexist communication model.

The Equality Plan incorporates a series of annexed protocols that specify actions in areas related to equality and conciliation.

Policy of Inclusion for People with Disabilities

The Equality Plan signed in 2020 was complemented by the signature of a Policy of Inclusion for People with Disabilities, which recognises the importance of functional diversity in training teams and formally sets the goal of fostering equal opportunities for people with an officially recognised disability.

The measures in this agreement include a specific assessment of each job to be taken up by a person with disability in order to ensure that it is suited to their needs, as well as various permissions and measures so that employees covered by the protocol can meet any medical needs related to their disability and can use the means necessary to do their job in the workplace, such as sign language, braille, accessible means of communication and even, if the disability requires it, coming in with helper animals.