Business model

CaixaBank is a financial group with a socially responsible universal banking model and a long-term outlook that is based on quality, customer engagement and specialisation.

It offers a value proposition of products and services adapted for each sector, adopting innovation as a strategic challenge and a distinguishing feature of its corporate culture, and whose leading position in retail banking in Spain makes it a key player in supporting sustainable economic growth.

CaixaBank offers its customers the best tools and expert advice to make decisions and develop habits that form the basis of financial well-being. This enables them, for example, to appropriately plan to address recurring expenses, cover unforeseen events, maintain purchasing power during retirement or make their dreams and projects come true.

Besides contributing to our customers' financial well-being, our purpose is to support the progress of society as a whole. We are a deeply rooted retail bank in all the areas in which we work, and for this reason, we feel a part of the progress of the communities where we engage our business.

A highly segmented business model based on the specialisation and quality of service, leveraged on our strengths.

Retail Banking

15.1 M Customers

Personal Banking

2.7 M Customers

Premier Banking

1.6 M Customers

Business and other

Private Banking

0.3 M Customers

Private Banking

Business Banking

0.4 M Customers

Business Banking


0.02 M Customers


20.1 M


Customers in Spain and Portugal

Distribution channels to which customers in the segment have access

Business areas

These are business segments through which we offer people the best financial and security solutions.

  • Retail Banking: individuals, premier customers, retailers, and entrepreneurs

Retail Banking's value proposition is based on an offer:

Innovative, personalised, and unique

Each customer profile is offered the best solution, adapted to their needs, as well as through strategic agreements with other leading companies in their segments.


We are committed to a relationship model where customers can choose how they want to relate to us, with digital and remote tools and a wide branch network.

Focused on 4 customer experiences

    • Día a Día (Day to Day): making the customer's day-to-day life easier by offering our services quickly and easily anywhere and anytime.
    • Disfrutar de la vida (Enjoying life): making financing easier for customers in order to help their current and future dreams and projects become reality.
    • Dormir tranquilo (Peace of mind): being by our customers' side to take care of what is important to them and help them protect it.
    • Pensar en el futuro (Planning ahead): helping our customers plan their savings and face their future with total security.

  • Individual banking

Segmented focusing on individual customers with a position of up to 60,000 euros.

2023 Milestones:

    • Launch of the CaixaBank Online Account with 100% online operations and no fees.
    • Mortgage loans: boosting mortgage activity.
    • Commitment to sustainability: consolidation of our Solar Panels financing offer for single-family homes, businesses, the self-employed and micro-companies.
    • Mobility: continued offer of leasing and financing of second-hand vehicles, promoting the offer of sustainable vehicles.
    • Protection: CaixaBank consolidates the MyBox proposal, notably including MyBox Auto and MyBox Retirement.

  • Premier Banking

Segment focused on individual customers with a position of between 60,000 euros and 500,000 euros or salaries of over 4,000 euros.

CaixaBank Banca Premier's value proposition is to create a relationship of trust with customers so that they choose the bank as their main financial provider.

This is an omnichannel and innovative offer, focused on the Premier Manager, who accompanies and advises customers, offering solutions adapted to their needs.

The main business lines are the following: evolving our value proposition, as well as adapting advisory work to the new economic environment without forgetting the leading role of personal managers in relation to premier customers.

  • Businesses

Segment focused on self-employed customers, professionals, and retailers.

The Businesses service is aimed at self-employed customers, professionals, and retailers. It includes the comprehensive management of businesses and their customers, and integrates all the solutions they need in their day-to-day operations (financing their business, protection and security) and their future.

We are committed to strengthening the specialist model, to be closer to customers, through our Business Store branches (branches exclusively for customers in this segment) and Business managers.

Private Banking

Segmented focusing on individual customers with a position of more than 500,000 euros.

We continue to promote the independent advisory model with Wealth, Independent Advisory, CaixaBank Wealth Management Luxembourg and OpenWealth.

Private Banking has specialised teams of 1,096 professionals exclusively in Private Banking and Wealth, accredited with 15 years of experience on average. With more than 70 exclusive centres, it ensures that clients are always treated in the best possible way. Different service models are offered to customers, from non-independent financial advice to independent advice and broker services.

In independent advisory, specialised proposals are offered:

  • Independent Advisory: value proposition for customers worth between 1 and 4 million euros, with specialised managers at our Private Banking centres.
  • Wealth: value proposition for customers worth more than 4 million euros, with 12 exclusive Wealth centres.

Business Banking

Segment focusing on corporate customers with a turnover of up to 500 million euros.

CaixaBank Business Banking has an exclusive model for tending to companies, consolidating its position as the benchmark entity for this segment.

The high degree of specialisation of the teams allows for comprehensive customer management, offering specific products and services for companies through our value proposition.

CaixaBank Business Banking offers innovative, tailor-made solutions with specialised service through centres throughout Spain, where it has professionals who provide advanced advisory services.

Corporate & Investment Banking

Segment focusing on corporate clients with a turnover of over 500 million euros, financial sponsors, institutions and international clients.

CIB comprises three business areas—Corporate Banking, International Banking, and Institutional Banking—as well as several product areas that provide services to clients, such as capital markets, transactional finance, cash management, project finance and structured trade finance and M&A.

Corporate banking develops and manages relationships with Spanish and international corporate clients, with the objective of becoming their financial institution of reference. With a presence in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, and through a sectorial coverage structure, it manages 750 commercial groups and a unique portfolio of structured financing products, working capital, trade finance, capital markets and advisory services.

Through CaixaBank's international network, International Banking provides support to the bank's corporate clients operating abroad, both Spanish and local. It provides coverage in 72 countries through more than 220 professionals, close to 30 international points of presence (branches, representative offices and Spanish Desk) and agreements with more than 1600 partner banks.

Institutional Banking manages the relationship with public and private institutions, such as the national government, regional governments, local entities, associations, foundations, religious institutions, professional associations, and others (chambers of commerce, mutual societies, etc.). With 17 specialised centres located throughout Spain, it provides high added-value solutions for this specialised sector.

It also engages with international and domestic multilateral entities (BEI Group, IFC and ICO).