Business model

The CaixaBank Group is a financial group with a socially responsible, long-term universal banking model. Based on service quality, trust, and specialisation, its value proposition underpins products and services tailored for each sector, treating innovation as both a strategic challenge and a distinguishing feature of its corporate culture. As a leader in retail banking in Spain and Portugal, CaixaBank is a key player in supporting sustainable economic growth. 

CaixaBank, S.A. is the parent company of the CaixaBank Group. Its shares are traded on the stock exchanges of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao, as well as on Spain’s continuous market. Traded on the IBEX-35 index since 2011, it is also listed on the Euro Stoxx Bank Price EUR, the MSCI Europe and the MSCI Pan-Euro.

CaixaBank's value creation model is based on four pillars: the customers, bank employees, shareholders and society. Together, satisfied customers and committed teams drive the CaixaBank project, resulting in a profitable company able to reward shareholders while generating a positive impact on the environment in which it operates. This contributes to the companies and families well-being alongside the country's economic progress.

Segmentation of the business model

CaixaBank operates a universal banking model that seeks to deliver the best customer experience and is tailored to each customer’s profile; mobility; societal relationships; and technology adoption.

The wide range of our financial and insurance products and services enables us to meet all our customers’ needs. Our flexibility and accessibility make it possible to do so in such a way that each customer’s individual experience is the best at any given time.

Specialised management model

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of customers
0,13 m
of customers
0,57 m
of customers
2,5 m
of customers
0,33 m
of customers
14,77 m
of customers
€500 m
€2 m
€0,5 m
€0,06 m
Premier Banking
Personal Banking
Young people, families,
senior and other individuals
Other Legal Entities
Legal Entities
(turnover range, millions of euros)
Natural Persons
(assets under management, millions of euros)
Distribution channels to which customers in the segment have access
Data as at December 2022





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Business areas

These are business segments through which we offer people the best financial and security solutions

Retail Banking: individuals, premier customers, businesses and entrepreneurs

Retail Banking's value proposition is based on an omnichannel, innovative and personalised offering aimed at retail, premier, business and entrepreneurial customers.

With this in mind, CaixaBank has advanced the transformation of its distribution network and the promotion of new customer relationship models based on The Four Vital Experiences :

    • Día a Día (Day to Day): making the customer’s day-to-day life easier by offering our services quickly and easily at anytime and anywhere.  
    • Dormir tranquilo (Peace of mind): being by our customers' side to take care of what is important to them and help them protect it.
    • Pensar en el futuro (Planning ahead): helping our customers plan their savings and be confident about their future.
    • Disfrutar de la vida (Enjoying life): making financing easier for customers to help them make their current and future dreams and projects come true. 

  • Retail Banking

Focused on individual customers with a position of up to €60,000.

2021 Milestones:

    • New MyCard launch: a differential product in the market, which consists of a single card that combines the debit experience in which you can see all transactions in real time, together with all the advantages of a credit card.  
    • Digitalisation: promoting the use of digital products
    • Sustainability: new agreement with a new strategic partner, EDP, to give our customers access to solar energy technology
    • Mobility: record year in the contracting of mobility solutions among our retail customers

  • Premier Banking

Focused on retail customers with an income of €60,000-€500,000.

CaixaBank Premier Banking's value proposition consists of creating a relationship of trust with the customer that positions us as their main financial provider. To achieve this, we focus on developing our value proposition to provide advice to all types of customers and to enhance the role of the Personal Manager as the main actor.

  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Focused on self-employed customers, professionals, retailers and microenterprises with a turnover of up to €2 million.

These services offer the tools needed for a comprehensive management of businesses, microenterprises and their customers, and integrate all the solutions they need in their day-to-day transactions, financing, protection and security.

These services are based on a highly specialised model which is delivered through our Business Store branches, our exclusive branches for Businesses and Entrepreneurs, and by our team specialised in Microenterprise and Business support.

Private Banking

Focused on individual customers with a position of over €500,000.

CaixaBank Private Banking has specialised teams of more than 885 accredited professionals with an average of over 15 years' experience and 127 dedicated centres that ensure customers always receive a friendly and personal service. Different service models are offered to customers, from traditional financial advice to independent advice and broker services.

Our Private Banking offering is tailored to customer groups that, due to their nature, share the same wealth management needs and objectives.

Business Banking

Focused on corporate customers with a turnover of between €2M and €500M.

CaixaBank Business Banking has an exclusive business service model, making it a benchmark in this customer segment.

It offers innovative and tailor-made solutions with specialised assistance delivered through 145 centres distributed throughout Spain, providing advanced advice via videoconference and CaixaBank’s Business Wall. With a team of more than 1,700 experts, we cater for the needs of every company.

The team integration carried out as part of the merger with Bankia has allowed for a successful handover, resulting in an integrated customer management model which complies with the AENOR-certified model in Business Advice and in Foreign Trade and Cash Management. 

Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB&IB)

Focused on corporate clients with a turnover of over €500M, financial sponsors, institutions and international clients.

CIB & International Banking integrates three business areas - Corporate Banking, Institutional Banking and International Banking – as well as several product areas that provide services to clients, such as Capital Markets, Cash Management, Project Finance, Asset Finance and M&A.

Our Corporate Banking team develops and manages relationships with national and international corporate clients with the aim of becoming their go-to financial services provider. 

With presence in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, and structured according to specialized areas, it manages 750 commercial groups and has a unique offering of Structured Financing, Working Capital, Trade Finance, Capital Market and Advisory products.

It also engages with international and domestic multilateral entities (such as BEI Group, IFC and ICO).

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