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Economic-financial information

Current Ratings

  Long termShort termOutlookEvaluation Date / ConfirmationWebsite
Moody's Baa2 P-2 Stable 18/01/2017
& Poor's
BBB A-2 Positive 09/02/2017
Fitch BBB F2 Positive 07/04/2017
DBRS A (low) R-1 (low) Stable 16/03/2017

Covered Bonds

  RatingOutlookEvaluation Date / Confirmation
Moody's Aa2 -- 18/06/2015
& Poor's
A+ Positive 07/04/2017
DBRS AA (high) -- 16/01/2017

The ratings may be revised, suspended or withdrawn by the rating agency at any time. These ratings do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell.