Institutional investors

Dividends 2016

Remuneration of CaixaBank Shareholders:

Remuneration 2016

Payment Date(1)AmountGross
Date ex-DividendTypeClass
13-04-2017 0.06 0.0486 11-04-2017 Final Ordinary
19-12-2016 0.04 (3) 0.0324 22-11-2016 CaixaBank Scrip Dividend Program (*)
30-09-2016 0.03
0.0243 27-09-2016 Interim Ordinary

(1) For the CaixaBank's flexible shareholder remuneration program (scrip dividend scheme), this date refers to the date on which the new shares are admitted for trading.
(2) Estimated using tax rate of 19 % for year 2016.
(3) The price that CaixaBank paid free allocation rights.

(*) For this payment, shareholders are offered the choice of receiving the company shares or cash out, in line with the CaixaBank Scrip Dividend program.

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