Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Composition of the Board of Directors:

Post Nature Date of first appointment Report/Proposal of the Appoinments Committee Shareholder represented
Jordi Gual Proprietary 30-06-2016 (7) ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation
Deputy Chairman      
Tomás Muniesa Proprietary 01-01-2018 (8)(9) ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation
Gonzalo Gortázar Executive 30-06-2014 (1)(3)(5) --
Lead Independent Director
John S. Reed Independent 03-11-2011 (1)(4) --
Fundación CajaCanarias
represented by:

Natalia Aznárez
Proprietary 23-02-2017 (7)(11) Fundación Bancaria Caja Navarra, Fundación CajaCanarias and Fundación Caja de Burgos, Fundación Bancaria(10)(11)
Maria Teresa Bassons Proprietary 26-06-2012 (1) ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation
María Verónica Fisas Independent 25-02-2016 (6) --
Alejandro García-Bragado Proprietary 01-01-2017 (7) ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation
Cristina Garmendia Mendizábal Independent 05-04-2019  Independent
Ignacio Garralda Proprietary 06-04-2017 Mutua Madrileña Automovilista, Sociedad de Seguros a Prima Fija
María Amparo Moraleda Independent 24-04-2014 (1) --
Eduardo Javier Sanchiz Independent 21-09-2017 (8) --
José Serna Propietary 30-06-2016 (7) Fundación Bancaria ”la Caixa”
Koro Usarraga Independent 30-06-2016 (7) --
General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors      
Óscar Calderón[Nueva Ventana] General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors (non-director) 27-06-2011 (2)  
First Deputy Secretary to the Board of Directors       
Óscar Figueres First Deputy Secretary to the Board of Directors (non-director) 23-10-2017

(1) Reelected on 5 April 2019 (2) Appointed Secretary to the Board of Directors on 1 January 2017. Appointed General Secretary on 29 May 2014. (3) Ratified and appointed Director on 23 April 2015. (4) Appointed as Lead Independent Director by the Board on 20 February 2020, with effects since 22 May 2020. (5) Reelected C.E.O. on 23 April 2015 and 5 April 2019. (6) Ratified and appointed as Director on 28 April 2016. Reelected Board of Director member on 22 May 2020. (7) Ratified and appointed Board of Director member on 6 April 2017. (8) Ratified and appointed Board of Director member on 6 April 2018. (9) Qualified as Proprietary Director on 22 November 2018. (10) In October 2018, Fundación Cajasol ceased its participation in the Shareholders' Agreement. (11) On 3 August 2020, Fundación CajaCanarias tendered its resignation as proprietary director to the Board of Directors of CaixaBank due to the termination of the shareholders’ agreement. Fundación CajaCanarias will step down from its position, given to the announced merger between CaixaBank and Bankia, S.A., when the mentioned merger is completed and the proposed renewal of the Board of Directors implemented.

For more information on the full composition of the Board of Directors, please see the Inside Information (452) of 18-09-2020 and Other Relevant Information (4501) of 18-09-2020..

Last update: January 2021